07 December 2017

November Quilty 365

oh my - its the second last month of our Quilty 365 blocks - of course I'm late in posting but we'll overlook that, shall we !!

06 November 2017

see ya Tumba - hello Tassie !

well its official - I'm finally going back home !

after years on the mainland and the past 16 and a half years in the little country town of Tumbarumba in New South Wales I'm heading back to Hobart, Tasmania, and I'm so excited !

I'll miss Tumbarumba and the friends I've made here, but with the announcement of the merger of the Tumbarumba and Tumut Councils last year I knew I needed to make my dream of going back to Hobart a reality.  From my point of view, the NSW Government got it so wrong with the council mergers and its been a pretty exhausting time !

I'll also miss seeing the gorgeous Mt Kosciuszko and Snowy Mountains all covered in snow...

view of the Snowy Mountains from Chisholm Street Tumbarumba - photo daisyandjack

01 November 2017

October Quilty 365

Its the first of November - wow - another year almost disappeared ! its also my mum's birthday today so happy birthday mum xxx

and its time for another month of quilty 365 blocks

08 October 2017

the last quarter of this year's Finish-A-Long

I had a list of proposed finishes for the 3rd quarter Finish-A-Long and of course didn't get any of them done - its been a bit hectic around here lately !! as there are still a few hours to link up with the last quarter Finish-A-Long I'm just going to repost that list - I'm hoping to have some time in November and December to get these long overdue quilts actually quilted and finished !!


04 October 2017

September Quilty 365 blocks

Eeeeeep I'm late, I'm late ... due to technical issues I'm a couple of days late with this post - well actually, I had issues when I went to post on Sunday so I thought I'd post on Monday and here it is Wednesday - ooops !!!

01 September 2017

August Quilty 365 blocks

Its the first of September - that means its time for another month of Quilty 365 blocks and it also means its finally springtime here in the southern hemisphere !! I'm so looking forward to some warmer weather after a cold winter but I think it will take another couple of weeks - we've had very big frosts for the past week !

01 August 2017

July Quilty 365 blocks

gee another month has zipped by and its time for the July Quilty 365 link-up !

19 July 2017

Photobucket fail !

Just a quick post about the recent goings on at Photobucket - a formerly free image hosting site. If you've wandered around blogs and the internet lately you might have noticed previously lovely images have disappeared and in their place are these ugly notices !!

08 July 2017

2017 finish-a-long Q3

Its time for the third quarter in the 2017 Finish-A-Long - I'm joining in this quarter with a list of quilts that need to be quilted !

Over previous years I've joined in the world wide event that is the Finish-A-Long and I wasn't really that successful in getting finishes done but I'm a bit more determined now (read - my UFO list is out of control!!) so I'm willing to try again - haha !!


01 July 2017

June Quilty 365 blocks

Its the end of another month so that means its time for another lot of Quilty 365 blocks !

01 June 2017

May Quilty 365 linkup

another month went flying past and all of a sudden its time to link up the Quilty365 blocks you made in May !

01 May 2017

April Quilty 365 linkup

ok - its the first of May so its time to link up the Quilty365 blocks made in April !!

30 April 2017

100 day challenge finale !

Its time for my finale post in the 100 day challenge - I'm late of course as I've been away but I'm so excited to share my challenge results !

My projects for this year's challenge were:
  1. sew the Aurifil 2014 BOM blocks and finish the quilt top
  2. sew the Foxley Village 2016 BOM blocks and finish the quilt top
  3. finish my cousin Susan's quilt (top done in 2011)
  4. and make a Plus quilt from start to finish (new project but being planned for a while !)
Aurifil 2014 BOM blocks - I managed to finish all of the blocks - need to add sashing and then quilt - another little challenge to have this quilt completed by the end of May :)

02 April 2017

March Quilty365 linkup

ooops I'm a day late in posting the link-up for the March blocks - hope its not just me that thinks this year is zipping along very fast !!

15 March 2017

Building Blocks Tuesday

I’ve been making another Bubbles Bee block this week – in red and black for Jan – I’m trying to get it finished as I’m a few blocks behind and the Bee finishes this month !

red and black Bubbles Bee block

14 March 2017

day 60 update

its time for the 60 day check-in in the 100 day challenge - well that was 10 days ago so hopefully Jen over at Quilter in the Closet won't notice I'm a little late !!

My projects for this year's challenge were:
  1. sew the Aurifil 2014 BOM blocks and finish the quilt top - blocks finished
  2. sew the Foxley Village 2016 BOM blocks and finish the quilt top
  3. FMQ and complete my cousin Susan's quilt (top done in 2011)
  4. and make a Plus quilt from start to finish (new project but being planned for a while !)
Since my day 30 update I've been working on the Foxley Village BOM quilt and I've completed the houses block

Foxley Village Houses in a Row

01 March 2017

16 February 2017

a little progress !

at the beginning of January I posted about my UFO/WISP plans for 2017.  I’m concentrating on a handful of projects at a time to try and get some finished.

I was thinking a quarterly update would be fine but then I thought that I should do an update each month to keep these projects uppermost in my thoughts as I've discovered I'm very much an "out of sight out of mind" kind of girl !

I'm happy to say I've actually made some progress on most of the UFOs on my current list !

I’ve made another block and have three more to do - my deadline for these is March !

09 February 2017

100 day challenge check-in

its time for a 30 day update in the 100 day challenge being organised by Jen over at Quilter in the Closet and I'm excited to show some progress !!

My projects for this challenge were:

sew the Aurifil 2014 BOM blocks and finish the quilt top
sew the Foxley Village 2016 BOM blocks and finish the quilt top
FMQ and complete my cousin Susan's quilt (top done in 2011)
and make a Plus quilt from start to finish (new project but being planned for a while !)

I've actually finished the blocks for my Aurifil 2014 BOM and now I need to sew the sashing and finish the quilt top.

There's also been a teeny bit of progress on my Foxley Village BOM - I've got the fabrics sorted for the houses block and the Tea Shoppe block is almost ready to be appliqued - this block was ready to sew a while ago but I decided the fabric I chose for the front of the shop was way too busy so I've replaced it !

Foxley Village Tea Shoppe block

I haven't made any progress on the actual quilting of my cousin's quilt or the St Kilda quilt but I hope to work on both of them this month !

Hopefully I'll have some more progress to show in another 30 days :)

01 February 2017

January Quilty 365 (2017 edition) linkup

Welcome to the first Quilty 365 linkup for 2017 !!

daisyandjack Quilty 365

I'm so excited to be doing this project and the linkup - I know there are a few people continuing from last year and hopefully a few, like me, who are just starting it (if you missed the news that I''m continuing Audrey's Quilty 365 project and hosting the linkups in 2017, you can read about it here). 

I'm making squircles on 4 1/2 inch background blocks - I'll be using Audrey's maths to work out the exact amount of blocks needed but it will be at least 365 of them.  When I visited Audrey's blog thsi week I noticed how many pieced circles she used - it makes for an awesome bunch of blocks !

here are my January blocks - they are laid out in day order for the monthly photo !

quilty 365 January 2017 blocks

there are already quite a few favourite fabrics among them and still a few blocks to be sewn.

I'm on day 32 and although I'd love to be keeping up with the sewing I'm happy if I can pick the fabrics each day.  I've got a little notebook that I'm writing what I use for each block and if I have a reason for picking that fabric !  I think it will be fun to look back on - can you guess what day it was that The Ghastly Cats appear ?


I've decided to piece some circles as well as have weeks of colour themes otherwise I might just end up with a pink circle quilt !!  Although looking at my selection so far, while there are a few pinks, there are also a range of other colours so it mightn't be too bad !



28 January 2017

Sugar Block Club 3.0

I'm so excited to share all of my finished blocks from last year's Sugar Block Club 3.0 - a free BOM run by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock !

I made 6 blocks in 2016 (photos here) so I'm happy that I've managed to finish the final 6 at the beginning of 2017 - this might be one of my faster quilts - ha !!

October's Bear Tracks

20 January 2017

2014 Aurifil Designer of the Month

I'm so excited that I've actually finished the blocks for the 2014 Auriful Designer of the Month sew along - after two and a half years it only took two weekends to get the 5 missing blocks done !!

I'm really not sure what happened in 2014 for me to stop making the blocks - obviously someone yelled squirrel !! eeek I am so easily distracted !

These are the blocks I'd already done - I really love the fabrics !

Aurifil Designer of the Month 2014 blocks

10 January 2017


Audrey over at Quilty Folk started a Quilty 365 project in November 2015 - she started making circle blocks with a 4 1/2 inch square background with the aim of making one block a day for a year - picking fabrics that feel right each day !

As others wanted to join in this project Audrey started a monthly linky party for everyone to link up their monthly blocks.

07 January 2017

100 day challenge

I'm joining with Jen (Quilter in the Closet) again this year for the 100 day challenge - I seem to have a lot more confidence for getting goals achieved this year - maybe its getting older that's doing it !!

06 January 2017

2017 quilt project planning

It seems a lot of quilters are planning their goals for this year and like me are taking a different approach to goal setting !!

With so many projects on the go and after a few years of planning and not getting things done or planning and then doing totally different projects I've decided to do things differently this year and only plan a handful of projects that I'd like to get done.

I'm hoping that by having a list with only a few hand sewing and machine sewing projects on it I might actually get some finished which might just motivate me to keep going - I'm also allowing myself a couple of new projects so I don't think I'm missing out altogether !

First on my short-term short list is the Bubbles Bee - this is a Flickr bee and its my only commitment this year - I only have four more blocks to make for this Bee and one of them is already overdue from November !!

Bubbles Bee block