12 October 2015

4th quarter of 2015 Finish Along

we're at the pointy end of the year and this is the last quarter I have to get some UFOs and WIPs finished ! again this year I haven't done that well in finishing old projects but I seem to have no trouble starting new ones :)

I was so slack I didn't even do a round up of my second quarter - well I certainly didn't have any finishes - and I also missed the link-up for the third quarter !!

before I list my hopeful projects for the last quarter I'm pleased to say that there has finally been some progress on the projects on my earlier lists !!

yes I've finished the tops of my Single Girl, Aviatrix, and Comma Plus quilts and I've made quite a bit of progress on my Scrappy Plates Polka Dot Dresden ! I'll do a blog post on each of them soon - if I wait until they're quilted I'll have forgotten everything !!

onto my last quarter list ... I'm adding the Nested Churn Dash - this quilt will be so amazing it needs to be done !

and the Scrappy Stars quilt - they are last year's Care Circle quilts and they have to be done before christmas - I'm also so over seeing these two photos !!

 I'm also adding this year's Care Circle Quilts to this list - the Scrappy Plus quilt

 and the Polka Dot Circle quilt

again, I really need to get these done by early December at the latest so then I'll have a clean slate for next year's Care Circle !!

my last project for this quarter is my Polka Dot Dresden quilt

I'm hoping that I might get the top finished by the end of the year - I've sewn down two dresdens so only ten to go !!

so that's a pretty small list with do-able projects - the 4 care circle quilts only need to be sewn together and quilted - with a little bit more work on the Polka Dot Dresden - here's cheers to dreams and wishes !!

Q4 FAL list
  1. Nested Churn Dash quilt
  2. Scrappy Stars quilt
  3. Scrappy Plus quilt
  4. Polka Dot Circle quilt
  5. Polka Dot Dresden quilt
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