21 February 2016

100 day challenge check-in

I missed the 30 day check-in for the 100 day challenge that Jen (Quilter in the Closet) did but I do have some progress on my Minnie quilt - its started !!

minnie mouse pixelated

I thought I'd have to order some fabrics for these little quilts but after going through my solids I seem to have enough for both - as the quilts aren't that big and I'm only using 1 inch squares I don't need that much !

minnie mouse pixelated

I've divided up the quilt into 9 blocks and I've made the first block !  I'm using this bigger picture of Minnie to mark my blocks as I do them to keep me sane !!

Minnie Mouse graph

I couldn't remember how I finished my other little pixel quilts but after pressing the seams to the side on this first block I'm definitely going to press the seams open for the rest - I'm trying to resist the urge to re-do the first block !

Minnie Mouse pixelated

I don't have any progress on my other challenges but hope to have both of my pixel quilts done in time for our local show on 19 March !!

100 day quilt challenge