30 April 2012

fat quarter idol competition

You might have heard about a competition over at Sew Mama Sew called Fat Quarter Idol - each week you have the chance to win a fat quarter bundle by picking 12 fabrics from a weekly theme.  The peeps at Sew Mama Sew then pick out 10 bundles they like and its put to a public vote - the person whose fabric bundle gets the most votes wins that fabric - great way to try to improve the stash I'd say.

last week I decided to enter - the theme was "meet me at the picnic" ... I went for the colours of the summer sky, sunshine and a beautiful sunset - all the essentials of a perfect picnic don't you think ... and I've just discovered (thanks rachael !) that my bundle is in the top 10 - now all I need is votes to win this fabric.
so if you've got a few minutes to spare this week you might like to go and have a look at the entries - you can vote for three bundles and if you like my bundle I'd love to receive your vote:)  they decide the winner on Friday !

and while you're there you might like to pick a bundle for this week's theme which is Daddy-O !  The weekly theme is posted every Sunday.

fingers crossed :)

26 April 2012

fabric frenzy

well - not really frenzy ... but I did purchase a few fabrics last week.

I went on the hunt for some fabrics to make the x and + blocks for the April care blocks and landed at spotlight and - with a lighter wallet - I left with this lot...

denyse schmidt fabrics that I think were spotlight (in australia) exclusives - I didn't set out to get these fabrics I just picked up about four from the shelves and then discovered that they were all DS fabrics - and of course each other one I picked up was the same - except for this gorgeous red which is a reproduction fabric from the Albert and Victoria Museum in London - I think I'd like to purchase a whole bolt of this one - there's just something about it.

and then I bought a few other fabrics ...

and just a few more ...

well, I do need some fabrics for my feather your nest projects !

I then stopped at an op shop as I'd decided to do a table runner in red for the feather your nest sew-along which requires the use of some repurposed fabric in the projects - well I actually found some red fabric $1 (rather than cutting up some clothing) and I also found this chambray with embroidered flowers - about 2 1/2 yards for $4 which I thought was a bit of a bargain along with some herb printed napkins $3 - there are 5 napkins and they are in fabulous condition (no tears or stains) so I'm not sure if I'll chop these up - I might just think about it for a bit !

so now I'm off to cut up these perfectly good pieces of fabric !

25 April 2012

anzac day

lest we forget
poppies - World War 2 section - Australian War Memorial
source - Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

24 April 2012

love lines restored

on yesterday's post I showed one of my mini quilts that I'd put in water and the red from one of the fabrics had run.

Well, I found Dylon Colour Run Remover at the supermarket and soaked the mini in that and voila - no more red where it shouldn't be !

kind of makes me wonder what is in it that it can remove red dye from white fabric ! but it restored my mini so I'm very happy - no unpicking -  yay

thanks so much for your comments and suggestions on getting rid of the dye - I'll definately be using colour catcher next time I put any of my quilts in water - even if they don't have red in them - better to be safe than sorry:)

23 April 2012

its my day !

Hi there – welcome to my day on the Spring is in the Air table topper blog hop.  I hope you’ve been following along and visiting the blogs on the hop that started last Monday.

when Madame Samm put out the call to join in this blog hop I quickly jumped on board as I had fun with the ghastlies blog hop at the end of last year - so thanks Madame Samm for organising another fabulous hop :)

now as you may know this spring is in the air hop was originally planned for February with a theme of love and as its autumn (fall) here in Australia anyway, I’ve stayed with the original love theme but I have ventured into the garden to take the photos of my table topper minis !

normally at this time of year the backdrop at my place would be autumn leaves but as I’m currently in tropical Queensland I’m in my dad’s wonderful garden full of amazing plants.

this is a flower that appeared yesterday morning – it certainly wasn’t there on Saturday and I have no idea what it is but it is so gorgeous I just had to show it !

ok – onto my little table topper quilts – you’ll notice I don’t actually have the table topper frame but I’m planning to get one once I get back home so my mum’s little hangers are useful in the meantime !

this is love flutter …

love flutter

I've called it love flutter as this quilt design always reminds me of butterflies :)

red and white 2 inch half square triangles – I decided to keep the quilting simple and machine quilted a diagonal line - it has a polka dot binding.

this one I’m calling love lines…

love lines
why love lines ? because love never runs smoothly !

now you can probably tell that it isn't finished ! well yesterday morning it still looked like this...

I wasn't sure I'd get it finished but thought I'd try so I sewed it together and it took me a while to decide what to do with the quilting - anyway, after putting quilting marks all over it in my decision making, I decided to rinse it to get rid of the marks - and can you guess what happened ?

eeekkk !  yes, you guessed it - one of the colours ran - only one but its in two of the lines.

so maybe I should rename it life lines now - cause life definitely doesn't run smoothly :)

I'm glad I discovered it now rather than after I'd finished it and put it in the wash later !  so I'm going to unpick the offending blocks and their neighbours and I won't be using that particular fabric again !

again, I used red and white half square triangles but these are one inch and I decided to use a sashing between them - as its only a small quilt I wanted to break up the rows of zig zags - and after all my pondering I've decided to hand quilt straight lines in the sashing with white perle thread.

so onto my last quilt and this one is love struck…

love struck

well, being a lightning zig zag block how could I call it anything else ! might look better the right way up ! oh well, either way I suppose :)

love struck - right way up ?
this one is done with 2 inch white squares and I hand quilted it in red variegated perle thread  - I love how the quilting really outlines the strikes.

this quilt is from a tutorial by Jenn who blogs at Jenn of all trades but mine are smaller blocks.

so there you have my table topper mini quilts - they all measure 12 x 14 and I can’t wait to get a table topper frame to display them on.

thanks for visiting me on this blog hop, I hope you enjoyed my little quilts and make sure you check out the other bloggers showing their minis today.

leanne - you're here !

the hop runs until this Wednesday and you can find the full schedule here.

be sure to visit Madame Samm to check out the fabulous prizes to be won for hopping along with us - leave a comment on Madame Samm's blog on the last day to be in the running !

19 April 2012

doll quilt ♥

did you hear me squealing ?

oh my goodness - my ♥ little ♥ doll ♥ quilt ♥ arrived today - and it is just so GORGEOUS !

so what do you think - am I just the luckiest girl !

my secret partner Karen made such a fantastic little quilt - such gorgeous colours and the quilting is fabulous - it is just amazing - those log cabin strips are just over 1/4 " wide !  the quilt is       12 1/2" square and the fabric is moda crossweaves.

the back shows the great quilting and the label is pieced flying geese - genius :)

Karen also sent some wonderful extras - absolutely fabulous fat quarters - pink of course ♥

there's a pezzy pink, little pink ladybugs, some bright pink buttons, and gorgeous pink text fabric - as Karen said in her note she's been checking my blog getting to know me so she's certainly picked up my love of pink :)  and it was all wrapped up in pink polka dot paper and tied with a gorgeous pink ribbon ♥

so I'll definitely be putting my name down for the next doll quilt swap and hope you will join in too :)

18 April 2012

orchids and wonky trees

it finally stopped raining today - yes, I'm in sunny queensland and its been raining on and off since last Friday and yesterday it rained so much I couldn't take pippi for a walk !

so this morning I thought I'd take a few photos of the gorgeous orchids in my dad's garden to share with you - they are such beautiful flowers and they last for ages as well !

not sure what they're called but I'm sure they each have a name!  see the beautiful blue sky finally showing :)

and this one my dad brought inside before he left so that I could enjoy it close up - love the colours ♥

I've been making progress on the wonky trees - just need to get some background fabric to suit (these fabrics are just for photo purposes !) and I'm going to try machine applique - fingers crossed.

I managed to find enough fabrics out of the scraps I brought with me to do the trees but not enough for the backgrounds - didn't realise how much I'd miss having my stash close by !

and I'm nearly finished the minis I'm making for the table topper blog hop which started this week - my day is next Monday 23 April so hope you can join me then :)

17 April 2012

feather your nest

I know I've got quite a few other projects that need to be done but I can't help myself ! in the past week I've read on a few blogs about feather your nest which is a sew-along/contest to make items for your home being held over at Stumbles and Stitches.

Feather Your Nest with Stumbles & Stitches

During April there are guest posts and tutorials to make items especially for your home - there are requirements involved and one of them is that you have to use repurposed or upcycled material in your project.  Although the sew-along started on 2 April sign ups are open until 22 April so I figured I'd think about it.

Well, today I went to get some groceries and thought I'd just pop into the local charity thrift shop to see if I could find anything to use and found this fabulous top in lime green and 100% cotton so I'm signing up :)

and while I was at the shop I also found this wooden toast holder which will make a great small ruler holder - just what I need ...

and I also found this piece of carlton ware - apple blossom butter dish ♥ I'm hoping a little magnet will fit on the bottom so I can use it as a pin dish

now I just have to figure out what feather your nest project I'm going to make and I have just over a week to get it done - eeek !

16 April 2012

Spring is in the Air blog hop

so Madame Samm is at it again with another blog hop :)  this time we are sharing mini quilts to be used as table toppers - you can use a cute little frame to display the mini quilts on a table - the blog hop will visit heaps of fabulous bloggers over the next week and a half - are you ready !

it will be so much fun to catch up with these ladies as some of them took part in the ghastlies blog hop that Madame Samm organised last year :)

the schedule and blog links are below - my day is Monday 23 April so I'll see you then !

Monday April 16th

Tuesday April 17th

Wednesday April 18th

Mrs Pickles
Piece Peace 

Thursday April 19th

15 April 2012

the quilter's horoscope

I stumbled across this link to the quilter's horoscope a while ago and thought about it the other day so went searching and found the link again - and knew I had to do a post to share it as I think its me to a "t" (lol) although I have actually finished some projects !

Horoscope Dates |

its done by Pauline Rogers and "... is a humourous compilation of character traits of quilters according to their zodiac signs - compiled by a quilting tutor with more than twenty years experience teaching patchwork and quilting but zero years writing horoscopes" so go and check out your sign and see if it fits:)

this is the entry for the star sign Gemini - May 21 to June 21

If Gemini has been fortunate enough to discover a tutor that has guided their enthusiasm, their quilts will be imaginative and versatile. If they are self-taught quilters they will have a treasure trove of books, magazines, quilting supplies and every innovation related to quilting but they probably do not have a single finished quilt. This won’t bother them though as they will convince everyone, including themselves, that this was always their plan. Being youthful they love funky projects that use bright fabrics and dazzling threads; being romantic they love traditional quilts made with soft pastels and florals; being whimsical they love the country theme and flannels; being Gemini they love it all! They are very good with words and will likely go on to author books as experts on patchwork and quilting – having never finished a single project.

Just a little fun for Sunday :)

and here's another little sneak peak of the projects I'm working on for the blog hop which starts Monday (US time) - I'll be putting up the schedule tomorrow.

14 April 2012

giving something back - siblings together

This month for the care at do.good stitches bee, Annabella has asked for japanese x and + blocks, using a tutorial by Amy at badskirt.

Annabella plans to make some quilts to donate to siblings together, a charity which brings together siblings separated by the care system - Lynne from Lily's Quilts has put out the call for quilts to be donated for children attending a holiday camp in July so if you want to get involved, the button will take you to the post on Lynne's blog with all the information.

Quilts for Siblings Together
I'm going to do a few blocks so that Annabella might be able to get at least two quilts done.

13 April 2012

hi from queensland

so here I am in Queensland on holidays for the next seven weeks - I arrived last Saturday and I've had a busy week with mum and dad - I'm here to look after their house while they go on a cruise for five weeks - they left this morning so I'm finally able to get back online and also get some serious sewing done.

I've given my little camera to mum to take on the cruise and so made a cute and simple case for it yesterday.

In mum's sewing room I discovered some little closures that were just perfect as they had red tops - they are really easy to do and mum said I could take them with me so I'll be using them again for sure...not quite sure what they're called but they're kind of like press studs without the need to sew !

I'm catching up with blogs and emails today so tomorrow I can start on some sewing - hope the next five weeks go slowly so I can get heaps done :)

hope you have a great weekend :)

08 April 2012

happy easter

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter with those you love...

I'm in Queensland catching up with my family - its the first time we've got together at Easter for quite a few years.

03 April 2012

doll quilt swap 12

my little doll quilt for the 2012 doll quilt swap is finished and was posted on Monday to its home in the USA - I really hope my partner likes it - not sure which is the most stressful - making something for someone you don't know or wondering if they will like the finished quilt :)

I wasn't quite sure how to quilt it and as my old machine doesn't do free motion quilting I was limited to straight line quilting !

I decided to do the inside of each block and then a kind of maze in the middle of the churn dashes - I don't think I realised just how much the quilting would stand out but I really love the maze quilting - I did it in grey thread and the outline quilting in pink !

Anyway ... its done, its posted, and I just have to cross my fingers that my secret partner is happy !

02 April 2012

march finishes

well - another month over and a new one beginning :)

I've done quite a few blocks again but as I'm in a few swaps and bees that's to be expected - the one big finish for March was the mini quilt for dqs12 which is on its way to its new owner in the USA.

I joined the New York Beauty quilt along on flickr at the beginning of March but I've only got one block done so far - hopefully I'll catch up with that this month.

I also plan to get some actual quilts done in the next few months so stay tuned !!

Linking up to Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts