03 April 2012

doll quilt swap 12

my little doll quilt for the 2012 doll quilt swap is finished and was posted on Monday to its home in the USA - I really hope my partner likes it - not sure which is the most stressful - making something for someone you don't know or wondering if they will like the finished quilt :)

I wasn't quite sure how to quilt it and as my old machine doesn't do free motion quilting I was limited to straight line quilting !

I decided to do the inside of each block and then a kind of maze in the middle of the churn dashes - I don't think I realised just how much the quilting would stand out but I really love the maze quilting - I did it in grey thread and the outline quilting in pink !

Anyway ... its done, its posted, and I just have to cross my fingers that my secret partner is happy !


  1. Leanne it is perfect! How could she not love it!

    Great maze quilting!

  2. Oh, I think it turned out really cute! The linear quilting really emphasizes the geometry of the blocks. It looks really good. As for other quilting possibilities... if your machine doesn't do more than straight stitching, and you do want quilting with curves, you can always big-stitch hand quilt. I've sure seen some beautiful pieces that have been quilted with perle cotton. In any case, yours is wonderful and your partner will most assuredly love it.

  3. So cute! I love the wonky churn dashes. And the colors you chose go well with the pink background.

  4. Opps, I commented from the wrong google account. Sorry about that!

  5. I think it's beautiful!! I love the colours you've used and the quilting really shows up the great secondary patterns.


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