15 December 2012

cruising time is here !

today's the day ... the countdown is over !

I've been on the sunshine coast with my mum and dad for the past few days and we meet with the rest of my family in a few hours to board the Pacific Dawn in Brisbane - out to sea for 12 days with stops including Fiji ... well that was the picture the other day - last night we heard that tropical cyclone evan is also on its way to Fiji so things might change - fingers crossed that it doesn't hit any of the islands !

It will be such fun to catch up with the family and sail the Pacific Ocean at the same time :)

just before I go I thought I'd show what I've been sewing this week - a couple of cushions for my sister-in-law

and a table runner for one of my nieces - nothing like last minute chrissy sewing !

Hope you all have a great holiday season and I'll be back just before the new year :)

05 December 2012

fresh sewing day

ummm .. I'm a few days late but what's new !

I haven't done any sewing for almost a week so I've got nothing new to show but as I didn't link up with Lynne's fresh sewing day in October I was really surprised when I went to make a mosaic to link up this month - I seem to have made a few things in October and November - which will make up for my no show in December :)

If you're new here from Lily's Quilts - welcome - and just so you know - I think I might already be in cruise mode as I'm heading to the south pacific in 9 days and 18 hours but I do have a few blocks that need to be done before I leave so I will get some sewing done in December !

I've actually got two mosaics - that's what I love about fresh sewing day - just when you feel like you haven't done that much you can link up to Lynne's blog and see that you have made some progress :)

1. dudqs finished quilt, 2. pram/capsule cover, 3. October care at do.good stitches, 4. October care at do.good stitches, 5. mod pop first block, 6. july star of africa, 7. august design camp 2, 8. september design camp 2, 9. september design camp 2, 10. craftsy dresden wheel finished, 11. craftsy dresden plate finished, 12. october ldqb - maple leaf block, 13. circle of geese, 14. hurricane sandy help !, 15. modern she made round 2, 16. long distance quilting bee, 17. blogger's bom - September, 18. blogger's bom - September
1. blogger's bom - September, 2. blogger's bom - August, 3. blogger's bom - August, 4. blogger's bom - August, 5. blogger's bom - July, 6. blogger's bom - July, 7. blogger's bom - July, 8. blogger's bom - June, 9. blogger's bom - June, 10. blogger's bom - June, 11. love lines finished, 12.
extra maple leaf, 16.replacement craftsy block, 17. hurricane sandy blocks, 18. phoebe bag, 19. fmq pouch, 20. fmq pouch
there are a few long overdue UFOs in that group which I'm really pleased to have finally finished and I've also done a few replacement blocks as I didn't like the block the first time around !

I'm off to link up to fresh sewing day and check out all the other fabulous finishes over at Lily's Quilts :)

Lily's Quilts

30 November 2012

beginner's guide to free motion quilting

I've been looking forward to Natalia's book - as a beginner quilter I figure I need all the help I can get :)

I love that Natalia has not only focused on quilting but has also included 6 quilt projects so you can make a quilt and practice the free motion quilting that you’ve learnt.

The book is in two main parts that include the basics of materials and tools as well as thread choices and batting. There is a section on techniques which includes layering and basting and also thread tension and setting up sample sandwiches to practice on.

Natalia then outlines different free motion quilting designs that suit all over quilting, background fillers, borders and sashings, custom quilted blocks, and also quilting designs for applique.  With more than 30 different designs there is a great range to choose from.

All of the designs are explained with photos of step by step diagrams of how to start the actual quilting and which way to continue the stitches – this is always helpful for beginners.

In Section two Natalia has included six quilt projects and then suggests the free motion quilting designs to use for each one so that you can practice what you’ve just learnt!  The patterns include the gorgeous orange slices quilt that is on the cover of the book.

Section three has all of the quilting patterns outlined in Section one so you can trace the patterns onto you quilt or you can practice drawing them before you start quilting.

With so many quilting designs, this is a fabulous book for a beginner and I’m fairly sure it has enough designs to suit all of the quilt tops that I make for the next few years and maybe more!

When I go to Queensland in a few weeks to join my family on the cruise I'm going to inherit my mum's Janome as she got a new bigger and better machine a few months ago.

I'm really looking forward to starting free motion quilting in a big way when I get back home in the new year as mum's Janome can drop the feed dogs, has needle down, and all the other little things that make free motion quilting easier !

With Natalia's book and Angela Walter's free motion quilting book I'm really hoping I can free motion quilt my very first quilt - fingers crossed :)