19 July 2017

Photobucket fail !

Just a quick post about the recent goings on at Photobucket - a formerly free image hosting site. If you've wandered around blogs and the internet lately you might have noticed previously lovely images have disappeared and in their place are these ugly notices !!

08 July 2017

2017 finish-a-long Q3

Its time for the third quarter in the 2017 Finish-A-Long - I'm joining in this quarter with a list of quilts that need to be quilted !

Over previous years I've joined in the world wide event that is the Finish-A-Long and I wasn't really that successful in getting finishes done but I'm a bit more determined now (read - my UFO list is out of control!!) so I'm willing to try again - haha !!


01 July 2017

June Quilty 365 blocks

Its the end of another month so that means its time for another lot of Quilty 365 blocks !