28 January 2017

Sugar Block Club 3.0

I'm so excited to share all of my finished blocks from last year's Sugar Block Club 3.0 - a free BOM run by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock !

I made 6 blocks in 2016 (photos here) so I'm happy that I've managed to finish the final 6 at the beginning of 2017 - this might be one of my faster quilts - ha !!

October's Bear Tracks

20 January 2017

2014 Aurifil Designer of the Month

I'm so excited that I've actually finished the blocks for the 2014 Auriful Designer of the Month sew along - after two and a half years it only took two weekends to get the 5 missing blocks done !!

I'm really not sure what happened in 2014 for me to stop making the blocks - obviously someone yelled squirrel !! eeek I am so easily distracted !

These are the blocks I'd already done - I really love the fabrics !

Aurifil Designer of the Month 2014 blocks

10 January 2017


Audrey over at Quilty Folk started a Quilty 365 project in November 2015 - she started making circle blocks with a 4 1/2 inch square background with the aim of making one block a day for a year - picking fabrics that feel right each day !

As others wanted to join in this project Audrey started a monthly linky party for everyone to link up their monthly blocks.

07 January 2017

100 day challenge

I'm joining with Jen (Quilter in the Closet) again this year for the 100 day challenge - I seem to have a lot more confidence for getting goals achieved this year - maybe its getting older that's doing it !!

06 January 2017

2017 quilt project planning

It seems a lot of quilters are planning their goals for this year and like me are taking a different approach to goal setting !!

With so many projects on the go and after a few years of planning and not getting things done or planning and then doing totally different projects I've decided to do things differently this year and only plan a handful of projects that I'd like to get done.

I'm hoping that by having a list with only a few hand sewing and machine sewing projects on it I might actually get some finished which might just motivate me to keep going - I'm also allowing myself a couple of new projects so I don't think I'm missing out altogether !

First on my short-term short list is the Bubbles Bee - this is a Flickr bee and its my only commitment this year - I only have four more blocks to make for this Bee and one of them is already overdue from November !!

Bubbles Bee block