06 January 2017

2017 quilt project planning

It seems a lot of quilters are planning their goals for this year and like me are taking a different approach to goal setting !!

With so many projects on the go and after a few years of planning and not getting things done or planning and then doing totally different projects I've decided to do things differently this year and only plan a handful of projects that I'd like to get done.

I'm hoping that by having a list with only a few hand sewing and machine sewing projects on it I might actually get some finished which might just motivate me to keep going - I'm also allowing myself a couple of new projects so I don't think I'm missing out altogether !

First on my short-term short list is the Bubbles Bee - this is a Flickr bee and its my only commitment this year - I only have four more blocks to make for this Bee and one of them is already overdue from November !!

Bubbles Bee block

Tula Pink Gridlock quilt - I made the blocks for this quilt as part of the 100 days 100 blocks sewalong - the challenge is still going to finish the top by 24 January !  I've got the blocks sewn into rows and just need to finish the rows and borders - I'm sure I can get this done by the deadline !

block 100 - 100 days100 blocks

Green Tea and Sweet Beans - this is my slow hand sewing project - I seem to have taken a liking to hand applique last year and I'm really enjoying doing the blocks for this quilt - I have a stack of hand sewing projects waiting in the wings for when this one is finished !

Green Tea and Sweet Beans block

Hawaiian Applique - this is a small hand sewing project that will probably be finished by the end of this month then will go into a box with a couple of other blocks to be made into something down the track !

Hawaiian applique - Carolyn Friedlander

Sugar Camp BOM - a block of the month project from last year - still need to make a few blocks and sew the blocks into a top.

Sugar Camp 3.0

Project 48 BOM - another block of the month project from last year - maybe half of the blocks still to be done for this one !

Project 48 flower block

Max and Whiskers wonky - seriously this quilt has been getting FMQ'd for the past 4 years - it needs to be finished !!  I decided to pebble quilt the white border around the blocks and I've found its very hard going to quilt white on white in small detail - I think I only have a row or two of the white borders still to quilt then I'm going to do a light all over design in the background - phew !!

Wonky Squares quilt

Double Wedding Ring - its been 3 years since I finished this quilt top so I'd love to get this one quilted and finished too!  I only have a row or two of hand quilting left but I usually only work on it one or two nights a month so I need to work on it a bit more consistently !

Double Wedding Ring quilt

I've also started a Quilty365 project and I'm joining in Jen's 100 day challenge.  There might be another thing or two to add to my list but this is what I'm starting with !

I'm feeling confident about having only short term goals and not worrying too much about all the other projects - I've put all those away into boxes in the back of cupboards so that I'm not thinking about them and I'm only seeing the things on this list !

I might do a project update in June to see how my new goal-setting plan is fairing  What was I thinking - I need to do an update on a monthly basis so that I actually move some of these projects to the done list !! so I'll do an update at the end of each month and then make a plan for the following month - hopefully that will work - ha !!

So have you made plans for this year ? I'd love to hear about them !

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