09 January 2013

2013 finish along and first quarter list

its time to sign up for the 2013 finish-a-long being hosted by Leanne at she can quilt.

she can quilt

I've decided to join in this finish-a-long in the hope of getting some quilts done this year - I have quite a few in various stages of un-finish that I'd love to get off my WISP list !

If you haven't heard about the finish-a-long, head over and visit Leanne for all the details.

For the first quarter I'm going to nominate five quilts - don't want to put too much pressure on myself !

First up is the Totally Groovy quilt which I started as part of a quilt-a-long in August last year.  I have all the curved pieces sewn and need to now cut all of the other pieces and sew them together, then quilt (eeeek) and bind - sounds like not that much except I haven't quilted anything bigger than a mini quilt and also this quilt is made of all solids so I expect a lot of my time to be spent on working out just how to quilt it - thankfully there are quite a few finished quilts over at the flickr group which have wonderful quilting.  Hopefully I have time to do some free motion lessons and practice before I start - of course there's also the option of giving it to my friend Cathy who just happens to have a long-arm !

Next on the list is the Mod Pop quilt which I started as part of a quilt-a-long in September last year - run by none other than Leanne, our finish-a-long host !  I've managed to get only one block done so I've got a bit to do on this one and I've heard that the flickr group might be closing soon! There are quite a few finished quilts over at the flickr group and hopefully I'll be able to add mine soon !

The third quilt on my list is an hourglass quilt for baby Lucy made with A Walk in the Woods fabric.  As its summer here I'm thinking that if I get it made by the end of the first quarter in April she can use it this winter.  All the blocks are sewn so it just needs to be sewn together when I can work out a layout I like !  I'm thinking of either straight quilting or maybe just stipple quilting on this one (if I get some practice in that is !).

Quilts 4 and 5 are two that I started cutting out a couple of years ago and I've actually sewn some seams but mostly its still at the cut out stage - the reason I have two of them is that once I sewed a few blocks together I saw that the background was way too busy for the blocks to stand out so I bought some cream for the background instead which left me with the first background - so I just bought some of the pink plain fabric so I could make two !

I'm using the Mini Wild Things pattern by Camille of Thimbleblossoms.  I've moved these already cut fabrics around quite a bit over the past few years so they're getting a bit mixed up as they're all at various stages and I really want to get them sewn rather than move them again !

That's my ambitious first quarter list - I'll update as we go along and I hope to give a good report at the end of the quarter in April  :)


  1. Oh, I love your mod pod! And I can't wait to see your Totally Groovy too! Good luck!

  2. Yes you must finish them all Leanne! The quilting ideas for that adorable baby quilt would be great!

  3. These are all going to be fab! Good luck with finishing them all :)

  4. This is an excellent set of projects, all so fun and full of colour. They will so beautiful when they are finished, I am glad you are finishing along.


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