14 January 2013

weekend sewing

I'm sewing with the new Janome - yes, I packed up the old faithful Elna (sniff) and put her away and set up Jilly the Janome !

the first block I sewed was the halloween block that I needed to applique and I used the blanket stitch which went pretty well - just don't look too closely at the zig zag chimney - I definitely need some practice!

then I sewed the binding on Lucy's pram cover and also made the strip ties and she sewed like a dream!  This is my a lovely year of finishes project for January - just need to hand sew the binding and sew on the ties so I should make the deadline !

I love the extension table - its nice and big and made sewing the binding on very easy.  My only issue is that it sits a bit higher than the Elna so when I put my chair higher my legs sit firmly under the drawers of the table - so I might have to find another table at some stage but for now I'll cope !

I also finished a couple of craftsy blocks - only one more to do!

The friendship circle block - its paper pieced and its a block that I've fallen in love with - I can see a whole quilt made from this block.

and the wonky log cabin block - I had used a fabric for the centre that looked terrible when it was finished a while ago so I unpicked it all and used a plain centre - its still not my favourite block but hopefully it will blend in with the others !

and then I sewed a border on an old embroidery that I'm going to make into a cushion.

Its a candlewick embroidery block that I made years ago - finished in 1998 to be precise - I've even dated it (bottom right!).  My excuse is that I was waiting for the perfect fabric to frame it and I think I've pretty much found it.

I'd been thinking about making some cushions for my couch for a little while and when I pulled one of the boxes out of the garage recently and opened it up I found some half made or started cushions from quite a few years ago, this being one of them!  I'm planning to get the others done very soon :)

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  1. I think someone is in love! You have bonded well with your new machine - obviously, with all the productivity and creativity going on.

  2. Your year of finishes is off to a terrific start!! Gorgeous, gorgeous projects!

  3. Well you and the new ,achine are obviously going o be good friends! The fabric for the embroidery is perfect, I had to double take: I thought you'd copied the fabric to design the embroidery!

  4. You're on a roll with a bunch a little finishes, and they're perfectly lovely. I like that FPP Friendship Circle block too! Even more, I love knowing that you know what candlewicking is! Goodness. That takes me back, to about 1990 when I made an entire candlewicked quilt. Muslin fabric with ivory candlewicking thread and bordered with lace... I still have that quilt, though it's never used.

  5. Congratulations on finishing your January project! I also have a Janome and adore it - I am sure you will continue to love yours as well!!!

  6. Wow... that's a lot of sewing! You pram quilt is very cute.
    And congratulations on the Janome! I absolutely adore mine. :)

  7. Popping by from the Mid Month link up over at Lovely Year of Finishes.
    Such fun!
    Great progress.
    Kind regards
    Liz DandeliondD

  8. That crazy Halloween block is really a wiz. Not only the ghostly house but the background batty material. Reminds me of the fruit bats in the evening sky in Darwin.


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