12 January 2013

the Janome has arrived !

Mum's Janome arrived on Monday morning which was pretty quick as Mum and Dad only posted it from Queensland on Friday - it was sent with Australia Post and they delivered it lickety split and she arrived in good order too - thanks Australia Post !

I'm very excited that mum decided to pass her machine onto me when she bought her new Janome Horizon at the end of last year.

For one it means that I can do blanket stitch applique on the machine rather than doing it by hand which has been the only way in the past (extremely time consuming) as my gorgeous old Elna doesn't have fancy stitches !

I'm planning on learning free motion quilting on the Janome as the feed dogs drop down - there is also a needle down function and a speed control without using the foot pedal (I'm sure that function has a fancy name!).

There are also lots of other stitches that I'm sure going to have fun discovering !  oh, and she has a nice big extension table - I forgot to put it on for the photo !

I'm sure that mum will be amazed that I have yet to plug her in!! I need to do the machine applique on the halloween house so I'll start her up tomorrow :) and now I'll definitely need to make the old Elna a cover so she will be dust free in her new home in the cupboard !

In the meantime, I used the Elna today to make a couple of blocks for the January Design Camp 2 bee - Shelley is making a quilt based on the bright birch trees quilt by AmandaJean of Crazy Mom Quilts.  Its a really fun design that uses strips of small scraps sewn into blocks. I just discovered this quilt recently and have already put it on my "when my ufos are finished" list as I have a heap of tiny scraps that I can use.

I only received the design camp package from Shelley yesterday and I've finished the blocks already so I think that might just be a record for making bee blocks.

I also made a craftsy block during the week - so I'm slowly getting those done - only a couple more to do!

I've got a few blocks to do tomorrow so I'll try out the new machine and she how she goes :)


  1. Oh what a lovely mummy! I have a brother but it looks as if it's about the same place in the range, fab. I lovethe start stop button. I didn't think I would, but tried it once and never went back to the foot pedal, and needle down - I get so frustrated if I use someone else's machine and it doesn't! Have a lovely time falling in love!

  2. I've got a Janome Sewist, which has, touch wood, been brilliant although it's very basic. You new one looks amazing! Hope you have many hours of happy sewing on her :)

  3. I'm really happy for you to have that machine, Leanne. It looks really wonderful, with lots of quilting-appropriate features. I'm a Bernina gal myself, but came this close [ ] to buying a Janome at one time. I think Janome manufactures a quality machine. Have a great time with it. I'll be looking forward to seeing some FMQing that you'll surely be cranking out soon!


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