07 January 2013

weekend finishes

after having a head cold for a week I finally felt well enough to get some sewing done on the weekend !  I sewed together the october and november Design Camp blocks so they're in the mail.

Jaqueline's theme for October was Life in Wisconsin - well knowing nothing about Wisconsin I found that a bit daunting but Jaqueline sent some amazing "rural" fabrics.  After months of thinking about them I layered them - I really love the egg fabric and wanted to use it.

For November Jody asked for a kind of drunk love log cabin block - I really like doing that block - its so improv.

I did make a small change after I saw the photo - I had used a small piece of white in a corner on the last row that just didn't work - so I changed it before I posted the block off :)

I also did the very overdue September long distance quilting bee block - Jennifer asked for a house block using halloween fabrics in black, orange, and purple - initially I fused the house to the orange background but as you can imagine as the house is also orange it got a bit lost so I peeled it off and put it on the black so it stands out - I was going for a kind of pumpkin shape for the black - not sure if it works but I'm happy with it !

I just need to applique the edges which I'll do as soon as my new machine arrives - Mum sent her on Friday so I'm really hoping she will arrive in the next few days !

I'm tossing up whether to use buttonhole or raw edge applique on this platypus block I'm doing for Jen as part of the Star of Africa swap - so I'll think about it just a couple days more !  suggestions very welcome!  I've used mini bear fabric so there is a definite nap which I thought might suit raw edge better or even zig zag ?

Yesterday I sewed together my first top from Elizabeth Hartman's Inspired Modern Quilts craftsy class that I'm doing - its called scattered squares and I'm hoping it will be my first free motion practice quilt.

and wanting to get a good start on this year's swap blocks, last week I made the January blocks for our do.good stitches care circle.

So that's my start to sewing this year - hope you got a little sewing in on the weekend too :)


  1. Oh they are beautiful Leanne! I just love your do. Good stitches blocks! I vote raw edge applique.

  2. Busy you! Love the platypus - I raw edged mine for Jen - that fabric doesn't shred does it!?

    Haunted house - so cute but scary! The stars are lovely too!

    Looks like a good start to the year!

  3. Wow, the haunted house turned out great! I'm sure she'll love it.

    Also, I really like the wisconsin block---it really does look like a cutaway view from below ground through a coop up to the sky. Good job!

    I'm glad to be taking a little break from most swaps this year, I have so many quilt tops to finish, it almost isn't even funny. Good luck with the platypus! :)


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