30 January 2013

a year of lovely finishes for January

its finally done - the little capsule/pram cover that I made for Lucy is finished ! and I think its sooo cute:)

I know exactly what took me so long to get this little sweetie finished - the quilting !  it seems that every time I think of quilting I panic !  but you know what - I loved doing the quilting on this little one and it wasn't hard at all.

I've discovered I love doing straight line quilting so I've just got to remember that ! 

When I think back to a couple of minis I made last year I can't believe I hand quilted this quilt...

I was worried I'd mess it up if I did straight line quilting - and now I think how great it would have looked with some straight line quilting like this one...

I'm so glad I did straight line quilting on that one - I think it really makes the quilt !

so now I really want to try free motion quilting and I definitely panic whenever I think of it but I don't want to straight line quilt every quilt I make !!  I just need to remember that I CAN do it and the more I practice the better I'll be :)

I think for my February project for a lovely year of finishes I might have to find something that needs quilting so I can practice fmq :)

I was hoping to post a photo of Lucy in her capsule with the new cover but alas her mother has been a bit busy on the farm so hopefully I'll get a photo soon !

I'm linking up to a lovely year of finishes - the linky party closes tomorrow !


  1. Free motion quilting is scary and fear of quilting has stopped me finishing things for years. Glad you are working out ways to get over the fear. Your quilts here are gorgeous!

  2. Your little pram cover is lovely, as are the other little quilts. I love to do straight line quilting. I also love fmq and encourage you to just do it, it is not hard. You just need to practice a bit and get used to it and you will be doing lots in no time.

  3. Your pram cover is lovely and your minis look great too. Good luck with your February finishes :)

  4. It looks amazing. Isn't it something else how a little taste reminds us how fun something can be. Congrats on your finish!


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