05 December 2012

fresh sewing day

ummm .. I'm a few days late but what's new !

I haven't done any sewing for almost a week so I've got nothing new to show but as I didn't link up with Lynne's fresh sewing day in October I was really surprised when I went to make a mosaic to link up this month - I seem to have made a few things in October and November - which will make up for my no show in December :)

If you're new here from Lily's Quilts - welcome - and just so you know - I think I might already be in cruise mode as I'm heading to the south pacific in 9 days and 18 hours but I do have a few blocks that need to be done before I leave so I will get some sewing done in December !

I've actually got two mosaics - that's what I love about fresh sewing day - just when you feel like you haven't done that much you can link up to Lynne's blog and see that you have made some progress :)

1. dudqs finished quilt, 2. pram/capsule cover, 3. October care at do.good stitches, 4. October care at do.good stitches, 5. mod pop first block, 6. july star of africa, 7. august design camp 2, 8. september design camp 2, 9. september design camp 2, 10. craftsy dresden wheel finished, 11. craftsy dresden plate finished, 12. october ldqb - maple leaf block, 13. circle of geese, 14. hurricane sandy help !, 15. modern she made round 2, 16. long distance quilting bee, 17. blogger's bom - September, 18. blogger's bom - September
1. blogger's bom - September, 2. blogger's bom - August, 3. blogger's bom - August, 4. blogger's bom - August, 5. blogger's bom - July, 6. blogger's bom - July, 7. blogger's bom - July, 8. blogger's bom - June, 9. blogger's bom - June, 10. blogger's bom - June, 11. love lines finished, 12.
extra maple leaf, 16.replacement craftsy block, 17. hurricane sandy blocks, 18. phoebe bag, 19. fmq pouch, 20. fmq pouch
there are a few long overdue UFOs in that group which I'm really pleased to have finally finished and I've also done a few replacement blocks as I didn't like the block the first time around !

I'm off to link up to fresh sewing day and check out all the other fabulous finishes over at Lily's Quilts :)

Lily's Quilts


  1. Wow, you've made loads of things and they're all fabulous!

  2. Good grief, you need to add "Bionic Patchworker" to your profile! Lots and lots of yummy stuff there!

  3. Dude! You've made a ton. I would love to make this much in the same time it took you. It's all just lovely. BTW, I'm visiting from Lily's fresh sewing day.

  4. So many gorgeous blocks! You really were a powerhouse this past month in the sewing room. :)


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