01 August 2017

July Quilty 365 blocks

gee another month has zipped by and its time for the July Quilty 365 link-up !

It seems that I was too busy trying to get some free motion quilting done to do hand sewing this month and I even failed to pick a fabric every day !!

I did manage to get one block sewn - this fabulous shark fabric block !

and although I didn't pick a fabric for each day I did pick a selection of fabrics for the month ! I'm having to keep checking on my previous monthly blocks to try and make sure I don't repeat any of the fabrics although if that happens I've decided that I can always add them to the backing :)

I had fun picking out some fabrics in keeping with the winter theme including this sweet winter dress - wish I could fit into it - its so adorable !

and some cute duck fabric - or are they geese ??

and also this cute bird in the tree hollow - looks a bit like me trying to keep out of the rain and cold !

On a brighter note I have finished all of my May blocks - I'm going to do another post this month with all of my blocks so far - I'm dying to see what they will look like all together.

I hope you had a bit more success with your blocks this month !


  1. Cute fabrics as always! I did find that I had duplicated a few...and I'll just live with it! I'm sorry that you are cold and wet but I envy's supposed to be about 100F here the next couple of days....I don't deal well with heat...

  2. LOL It sounds like you hit the mid-year mark of falling behind a bit. Most of us had the same problem, but like you, at least picked fabric for a week, 2 weeks or yeah, even a month! Your fabrics, as always are so much fun. I have conversation print fabric envy!:)

  3. I am always amazed at the sheer number of different fabrics there are. I don't think I've ever seen even one of the ones you've picked for this month. That's incredible and such fun. Love those you highlighted but also think the butterfly and the little irons are wonderful. Some months it's harder to keep 'caught up'.


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