01 June 2017

May Quilty 365 linkup

another month went flying past and all of a sudden its time to link up the Quilty365 blocks you made in May !

I have another group of fun fabrics for my May blocks although I'm a bit less organised this month - May always seems to disappear quickly even though its got more days - why is that ??

its a bit of a mixed bag this month and I can see already see where I need to change the background fabric for one of the blocks but I think the text print is just perfect !

I love using scraps, especially those last precious pieces ! I'm adding some solid to the little gold star fabric in the bottom row below - I made a cloth doll for one of my nieces from that fabric so I love that I'll have a tiny piece in this quilt as a reminder :)

a favourite Melody Miller teacup with a Maze and Vale background in this lot along with some much loved Laurie Wisbrun Tufted Tweets, the purple fabric with teeny birds, and of course what is life without polka dots!

Also this month I made a special birthday block for my cousin in her favourite football team colours !

Another month of picking fabrics but not much sewing !! I hope to catch up with some hand sewing so my goal is to have all of June's blocks sewn by the end of the month :)



  1. great fabrics as usual! I like the squares...or are they waiting to become circles? I'm hoping to get mine posted today or tomorrow.

  2. Great fabrics! It's fun finding new ways to use the fabrics I have in scraps or in my stash. I do sometimes use a fabric twice but I try to use it in a different way so that it doesn't look exactly the same. Happy circling, Leanne.

  3. Your little focus circle-blocks are really cute, Leanne. They're tempting to make, but then I'd certainly have another WIP that would have to juggle for a place with all the others. But, I sure enjoy watching from afar! Keep up the great work!


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