01 May 2017

April Quilty 365 linkup

ok - its the first of May so its time to link up the Quilty365 blocks made in April !!

I have a block for each day in April - it helped that I prepped a few blocks before I went away and I managed to sew a couple as well !

so happy to add a few cute rabbits and a butterfly too !!

and some pretty in pink blocks

always love adding flowers

and of course polka dots

some more fun to fussy cut fabrics

and I made a special embroidered block for Anzac Day on 25 April.

I hope you're looking past the fact that most of my blocks are not yet appliqued !! I'm hoping to catch up with some hand sewing sessions over the next few weeks but I am keeping up with choosing a fabric each day !

Can't wait to see what blocks you made last month so link up below.

Audrey over at Quilty Folk is also having a link up today (US time) for the finished quilts in the original Quilty365 that Audrey started - you can check out those fabulous quilts here !




  1. Those circle appliqué blocks look great, Leanne! I love that they're so portable. Very tempting...

  2. Leanne, I had to do a search to learn about Anzac Day. See...there are even more perks to doing the 365 Day Challenge - I loved learning about your day.
    I just finished April which is my 8 month! WooHoo! I'm loving these blocks even when it's sometimes a drag! I went to Audrey's blog and enjoyed seeing the linked-up quilts. Amazing to see so many different ideas. I'll check back again to see if there are any new additions.
    Keep on with your circles - it's wonderful that you're choosing the fabrics and making your circles even when you still have the sewing to do.

  3. Great circles, Leanne! Stash envy is kicking in again...I loved seeing the completed quilts. I really like the ones with the patterned backgrounds. It doesn't seem like they should work but they certainly do....maybe next year!!


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