06 November 2017

see ya Tumba - hello Tassie !

well its official - I'm finally going back home !

after years on the mainland and the past 16 and a half years in the little country town of Tumbarumba in New South Wales I'm heading back to Hobart, Tasmania, and I'm so excited !

I'll miss Tumbarumba and the friends I've made here, but with the announcement of the merger of the Tumbarumba and Tumut Councils last year I knew I needed to make my dream of going back to Hobart a reality.  From my point of view, the NSW Government got it so wrong with the council mergers and its been a pretty exhausting time !

I'll also miss seeing the gorgeous Mt Kosciuszko and Snowy Mountains all covered in snow...

view of the Snowy Mountains from Chisholm Street Tumbarumba - photo daisyandjack

but I'm very excited that in just a little while I'll be walking on the beach at Primrose Sands - oh such bliss !! we had a shack there when I was a kid and I have such fond memories :)

It will be so nice to go home to the place I was born and spent my childhood but its changed so much too that it will be fun to check out all of the new things - "moving to Tassie" has become quite the trend in the tree/sea change over the years so there will be lots of surprises, especially in the food and art scenes :) but of course while there might be more actual houses at Primrose Sands now, the beach is still exactly as I remember it !

this view of Hobart is always hard to take too - haha !! My beautiful Mount Wellington, the Derwent River, and the Tasman Bridge - its the view that greets you on driving into Hobart from the airport and I never grow tired of it - in fact, this photo was the screen saver on my work computer :)

I'm going to try and get some quilting done (for the last quarter of the finish-along) when I first get there and then look forward to spending christmas with my family - my cousins and aunts and uncles - before getting back to reality and trying to find a job in the new year !

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