01 March 2017

February link-up - Quilty 365 (2017)

Yay - its time for the second Quilty 365 linkup for 2017 !!

It's the first of March so another month of blocks to link up - I've created circles every day although I only have a couple actually sewn ! I'm not concerned as I've got a few other deadlines keeping me busy until May so I figure as long as I keep choosing the circles every day I can sew them over winter.

I had fun again this month in picking out fabrics every day - I'm enjoying jotting down a few notes about the choices I'm making on the day too !

This is block 55 from last Thursday - Quiltcon was about to start and I discovered a box of scraps with pieces already sewn together and this sweet bee and text was just right for that day - instead of wishing I was at Quiltcon I thought about finding the quiet joy instead !!

Loving these sweet little animal blocks too !

and of course I had to change it up for Valentine's Day this month with a little hand-drawn heart block in my favourite Cotton and Steel XOXO in Velvet Ribbon ♥


  1. Thank goodness for children who know so much about computers, tablets, etc. We got a new computer with Windows 10 and I've been struggling with some of the stuff especially features that I've always used and now I can't figure out on the new computer. My daughter stopped by and she always has so much to share with me and it's totally wonderful. FINALLY, I got my picture right and figured out the linky and looks like it's worked. I recently read the post at regarding her 'circle challenge'; it was marvelous. Debbie also has a Pinterest page where she's saved lots of circle challenge pictures and I've got more ideas...
    I do love your blocks for February - the heart is so cute and so personal. Did you ever think that making one small 4" block could be so demanding? I'm learning lots about myself during the process. Thanks for sharing your blocks. See you at the end of the month.

    1. I've had my win 10 for a year now and still hate it! Good luck with it and I'm so glad t hear that you have someone to help you with it!

  2. How is everyone storing their circles? So far, January's is in a sandwich bag so they stay together and don't get dirty. I'm terrified that I'll lose a bag somewhere during the year. Any have better suggestions? I do love your circles (and photo skills) Scrap envy kicking in again!

  3. Your conversation prints are so much fun! I need to make an effort to buy more of those myself!


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