04 October 2017

September Quilty 365 blocks

Eeeeeep I'm late, I'm late ... due to technical issues I'm a couple of days late with this post - well actually, I had issues when I went to post on Sunday so I thought I'd post on Monday and here it is Wednesday - ooops !!!

so without any further ado, here are my September quilty 365 blocks !!

I used some coloured backgrounds - I didn't want to end up with an all white backing so it will be interesting when I go to arrange the quilt !!

I found a few more Tula prints that I haven't previously used - as usual there are a few animal prints - it really will be like an I spy quilt :)

Can't believe I haven't previously used my favourite Denyse Schmidt fabric - the pink one above - its an original Flea Market Fancy fabric and its the perfect shade of pink ♥♥♥

and a few more favourites from this month ...

and how perfect are these spring lambs for the first day of spring !!

Hope you are making good progress with your circle blocks - only a few months to go !!




  1. Even though I've finished my 365 day challenge, I have been checking back to see your circles. Such do have quite a few animal prints which include bunnies. :) I'll check back to see who else has circles to share.

  2. I love your new backgrounds and of course, your fun prints. I haven't been doing much in September so I really behind. I'm hoping to get my September done and posted this weekend. Just wanted to let you know that I haven't abandoned the project!


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