01 February 2017

January Quilty 365 (2017 edition) linkup

Welcome to the first Quilty 365 linkup for 2017 !!

daisyandjack Quilty 365

I'm so excited to be doing this project and the linkup - I know there are a few people continuing from last year and hopefully a few, like me, who are just starting it (if you missed the news that I''m continuing Audrey's Quilty 365 project and hosting the linkups in 2017, you can read about it here). 

I'm making squircles on 4 1/2 inch background blocks - I'll be using Audrey's maths to work out the exact amount of blocks needed but it will be at least 365 of them.  When I visited Audrey's blog thsi week I noticed how many pieced circles she used - it makes for an awesome bunch of blocks !

here are my January blocks - they are laid out in day order for the monthly photo !

quilty 365 January 2017 blocks

there are already quite a few favourite fabrics among them and still a few blocks to be sewn.

I'm on day 32 and although I'd love to be keeping up with the sewing I'm happy if I can pick the fabrics each day.  I've got a little notebook that I'm writing what I use for each block and if I have a reason for picking that fabric !  I think it will be fun to look back on - can you guess what day it was that The Ghastly Cats appear ?


I've decided to piece some circles as well as have weeks of colour themes otherwise I might just end up with a pink circle quilt !!  Although looking at my selection so far, while there are a few pinks, there are also a range of other colours so it mightn't be too bad !




  1. Loving your squircles, Leanne! I'll be playing along later in the year......... Have fun!

  2. So good to see that others are working on their circles. I'm loving that you are using your circles as a journal, Leanne. That's what I've been doing and have been making journal notes each day. It's fun but it's more time consuming; I think it'll have more meaning to me and others when it's finished though. As I wrote before, I started in September, did October just fine, then TOTALLY dropped the ball for both of November and December!! I've been working diligently on my challenge - kept up with January and finished December, too. (see link up for me) I hope that when March 1st comes around, I'll have not only February to share but also will have finished November.

  3. Ah, your circles are so sweet! Love the fabric prints you're choosing.:)

  4. Hi, I have carefully considered this challenge and I really want to join, Is it too late? even now I am concocting a strategy to get a bunch done for January... I know it is one a day, but I am burning to get some circles done from the scraps of Rohen's Chinese Coins. May I join?


  5. Wanted to add my link but it doesn´t work. It is on my blog
    Good to see that you all are bussy with your circles. I hope to finish it next month.


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