07 August 2012

new little quilt swaps

since doing the DQS12 quilt in March I've made 4 more little quilts and I've discovered I absolutely love doing them.. so when I happened to see the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap {round 3} on flickr a couple of weeks ago I thought it might be fun to make a little quilt to swap with another aussie so I signed up - I've been sent my partner info and I think she might like the same kind of things as me so it will be fun trying to come up with a cute quilt.

my dudqs mosaic includes lots of my fav colours !
1. Mini Quilt Monday!, 2. Blooming Dresden Table Mat, 3. Stash Trad Bee--Lone Starburst for Brioni, 4. imalisawork, 5. Circle-of-Geese-Quilted-Cushion-Pillow-Front, 6. DS Doll Quilt Swap top, 7. Jaggy edges - playing with the paper pieced borders, 8. Churn dash block in rainbow colors, 9. Star Flower, 10. In the pink and red mood, 11. Joseph's Coat Pillow - it's done!, 12. DQS11 Finished, 13. 000_0242.jpg

also at the end of July I received an email from quiltinkimmie inviting me to join the fab little quilt swap - I'm not quite sure how Kim found me but I was pretty happy to be invited to join !

I just got my partner info today so its time to start thinking about what to make - however looking at the mosaics in this group is a little very daunting - I think they have pretty high standards so I'm going to have to pretend I have the confidence and skills to make one of these quilts!

this is my my fab little quilt swap mosaic ...
1. Shattered, 2. growing, 3. Autumn Circle, 4. Wonky Wheels, 5. One Fabulous Little Quilt, 6. Fruity Polo finished!, 7. Traditional Quilt category, 8. New York Beauty, 9. Project Special Delivery, 10. "freebird"--original option, 11. Migrating Geese, 12. Lone Star Quilt,  13. With YoYo's

I'll make sure I post progress photos - I think I'll need the encouragement !


  1. I spy Nicky's Fruity Polo quilt!!! These sound like great swaps - have fun!

  2. I am a member of the Fab Little Quilt Swap group. They are an amazing bunch. You will do fine.

  3. Haha! Thanks Leanne - till I read Helen's comment I hadn't noticed mine as I was drawn to Canadian Leanne's lovely quilts - I actually got to see the one in the middle - it was gorgeous!

    You are good enough - never fear girl! Go for it!

  4. Thank you for including my stuff in such lovely mosaics, your partners will be so inspired.

  5. Wow, Leanne, nothing you can knock up in your spare time, these are all beautiful, but so complicated!!


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