06 August 2012

totally groovy

so you might have noticed a new badge on my sidebar - the totally groovy quilt along - I think its just a fabulous quilt !

063 -- Groove

Alyssa from Pile of Fabric has teamed up with Emily Cier and some other friends for a quilt-along to make Emily's Groove Quilt pattern.

I've already got the pattern and I'm going to order the fabrics just as soon as I work out what colours - I definately love the cerise so I'm thinking of just going with darker and lighter shades but then again I might head in a totally different direction !

Alyssa has even posted a colouring sheet to the flickr group which means I can try different colours before I decide - the flickr group has some amazing colour combinations happening too !

while there is no guarantee that I will be quilting along at the same rate I just really love this quilt pattern so I'll be checking out the posts so I know how to make it !

if you like the pattern, maybe you should check out Alyssa's blog which has all the information you need and some pretty cool giveaways as well :)


  1. This is really a great quilt, but I have so much on my plate right now. I will watch and cheer from the side lines.

  2. What a fab quilt! I'm not allowed to start anything new, far oo many on the go, but it is lovely!


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