01 August 2012

july ratz swap

yay - another finish in July and just in the nick of time !

the needlebook I made for my ratz swap partner was sent in the post today - over the big seas ...

I really loved making this little needlebook and I'm going to make one for myself this weekend - its a good size and love that it has pockets ... very handy :)

I embroidered my partner's name on the inside with varigated thread - I think it makes it a touch more personal - and just had to use the cute bike fabric - my partner loves to cycle but isn't that much into pink but I'm hoping she will excuse the bit of pink this time !

I've also added a couple of extras including a sample of udder cream that I pick up at our local haby shop - I would never have guessed that they stock udder cream !!  amazing what you find when you have a little poke around !

so this weekend just a few more swap blocks to make and I'll be up to date - got to love that feeling :)

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