10 August 2012

birds, a block and groovy colours

so I've finally decided - these are the colours that I'm going to use for the totally groovy quilt-along - I ended up printing out the colours and cutting and pasting - its was such a fun kindy moment - but the light wasn't that good while I was cutting as you can tell by the lines still showing.

I'm pretty happy with the colour combo - I'm going to use eggplant, cerise, sprout, azalea, and petal - I understand it might not be everyone's colour choice but I love it !!

I thought I'd also show a couple of photos of some cute kookaburras that I took this week - I just happened to be out in the backyard early when these two flew into a tree - I quietly snuck back inside to get my camera and was very happy that they were still there when I got back - they are so fluffy - not sure if that was because it was about 2 degrees outside - it looks so nice and blue but it was freezing cold !  If you click on the photo below I'm pretty sure you'll be able to see this gorgeous bird up close and personal !

I've been to the post office every day this week - hanging out to receive my purse from the in the frame purse swap or my needlebook from the ratz swap and I haven't received either but I did receive a block from my mum which was such a nice surprise :)

I recently received red and white pinwheel blocks from my long distance quilting bee partners and mum really liked them so decided to add one as well :)

I think I only have to do one more and I've got enough for a quilt - yay !

have a great weekend - I'll be back very soon with a book review and maybe some practice machine quilting too !


  1. I like your color combo and those kookaburras. So sweet of your Mom to send you that great block.

  2. Oh that is so nice! I love that your Mum sent you a block! Love the colours. I am still working away on your .... here. I will message you once it's sent.

  3. I think it is a great color selection - I really like the idea of the eggplant.

  4. What a lovely mum! Hope your other pst arrives oon!

  5. They are on their way I'm sure! Those birds sure have big beaks - what do they eat Leanne?

    I love your colour choice - delicious! And well done Mum! And looking forward to seeing that quilt!

  6. I love your red/white pinwheels - yet another block to consider when I (eventually!) get round to starting my red/white quilt! I love your kookaburra photos and can't wait to see your quilt develop, the colours are lovely!


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