13 August 2012

bee blocks

another weekend of sewing bee blocks ... and I sorted my fabrics into colour order too !

for July we had two long distance quilting bee blocks to do - Annika asked for a log cabin block with a little wonk in neutrals, blues, and browns - so I did my first one and didn't really like it when it was finished - I think the issue is the dark brown strip ...

so I did another one - this time a square in a square wonky log cabin in just blues - I really like how this one turned out.

Margaret asked for a churn dash in shades of blue - so I did a wonky churn dash - I do love the wonky style !

as I was on a roll I decided to get the August block done for Evelyn who wants a hawaiian theme - bright tropical colours with lots of green - we could pick our own block style so I did a string block - hope its bright enough !

the weather was absolutey gorgeous this weekend - nice and sunny even if it wasn't really that warm -  pippi still needed her coat !

this is the view from my sewing room - not quite as good as my last house but still pretty- the sheep and lambs were up close to the fence which was great !

there is also evidence that spring will soon be here - can't wait for the bulbs to start opening :)

I also made two granny square blocks for the august care at do.good stitches bee - Dolores asked us to use pink, orange, and yellow - I really loved doing this block and I can see a granny square quilt sometime in the future !

hope you had a great sewing weekend as well :)


  1. Your view is will be even more so when it all turns green.

  2. I really love that churn dash block and also the view from your window. You live in a beautiful spot.

  3. Very nice blocks! You are marching into spring and we are marching into fall - both my best seasons.

  4. I particularly love that wonky churn dash! Must do some of those - need more wonk in my life!

    Great view but where are the roos!?

  5. Hey there, Leanne! It's great to catch up on your posts of late, all of which seem to have the general theme of swaps! You DO manage to get involved in a lot of them! I bet your postie loves you, and visa versa. No wonder you've been hanging out at the mailbox. The fabrics you select for your blocks are always so fun to see. Wish you were here so you could promote COLOR to quilters who who are accustomed to sewing with mud. (Sigh) I really miss my modern quilting friends. Thanks for sharing pictures of your new pastoral view, and the darling kookaburras. It's nice to know what your part of the world looks like.

  6. Love your bee blocks. The wonky churn dash is something I have been meaning to do for ages. Great view as well!If I could look at that, I'd never leave home!


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