28 August 2012

maybe a little leaves quilt ?

way too much time on my hands yesterday - I thought of yet another idea for the fab little quilt swap !

I saw a quilt in Elizabeth Hartman's Practical Guide to Patchwork book which had gorgeous little leaves and remembered my secret partner likes the idea of trees and leaves so I did up this little block.

then did some editing to see what it would kinda look like if I made four blocks into a little quilt - I really like it and the purple background but I wasn't sure so I put it up on flickr to see if my partner might like it.

again, my partner left a comment saying she loved the purple so that's really thrown a spanner in the works - what do I make - the diamond block - in either purples or aquas or this block ? 

I'm definitely holding myself to one of the three as I can't keep coming up with new things - I need to start making !!

its funny that I had a lot of comments saying the purple background was a bit too much and that maybe I should use a bit lighter colour - if it was for me I definitely would !

thank goodness that I've got the fabrics and quilt pattern for the down under doll quilt swap organised - its funny that I decided on the fabrics and the design for that within a few days of receiving my partner info and I haven't swayed once !


  1. Some people have more similar taste to you and they are the easiest to make for without a doubt! Some people don't but it is best to make a decision and go for it - I made three zipped pouches once for one person and she chose my first idea!

    Zipped pouch anyone!?

  2. glad i dont have to make the decision.xx

  3. I LOVE the purple. In fact, this really caught my eye! Beautiful.


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