23 August 2012

blogger's block of the month

I was having sewing withdrawls tonight so I decided to head into the sewing room and catch up on some of my blogger's bom blocks.

I haven't done any of these blocks since February - jeepers - that's quite a bit of catching up to do !

so I did the march block which was a churn dash - I was pretty happy with the first two as you can see the churn dash pretty clearly ...

but then when I'd made the third one I had a hard time being able to see the pattern - it really looked more like a cross block !

so I just had to re-do it - I replaced the green rectangles with yellow and I can make out the churn dash pattern a bit better !

so that's march done - now to do the other months :)


  1. well done they look great and i like the change you made.xx

  2. Amazing what changing one color can do. Well done.

  3. I don't feel so bad about being behind now! I love churndash and how different it can look! All beautiful - even the one you redid!


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