27 June 2012

Transparency Quilts

I'm back with another book review for C & T Publishing ... this time Transparency Quilts - the follow up to Quilts Made Modern by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.

As with Weeks and Bill’s other books – colour is the main event - and the technique using colour in Transparency Quilts is quite magical – on first glance you would think that Weeks and Bill have used a fine see-through fabric over cotton as a sandwich to create their quilts – which is what I thought when I first glanced through this book especially looking at Share and Share alike (below) – but this is not so!

Share and Share Alike

What Weeks and Bill do with these quilts is combine fabrics so cleverly that they literally appear transparent!  It is quite an amazing technique and one I’ve not seen before.

Weeks and Bill talk about the relationship of colour to create a convincing transparency, they walk you through fabric selection and what doesn’t work and why, as well as giving quite a few colour palette samples.

Mint Julep

They then present 10 quilt projects so you can try this fabulous technique yourself – the quilts range from adventurous beginner to advanced level however there are also two beginner quilts.  A few of my favourites are Mint Julep, Share and Share Alike, Whisper, and Next In Line.


As with Quilts Made Modern, Weeks and Bill give each quilt an introduction and tips on fabric selection, quilting, and colour variations, and there are also size variations.

Next In Line

So while I might need to make a few more basic quilts before I jump in, if you are an adventurous beginner or above – these quilts will give you a new way of thinking about and using colour that you might just love.

you can find Weeks and Bill at FunQuilts and Weeks blogs at Craft Nectar.

I hope you've enjoyed these two book reviews this month - I'm thinking I might just have to make it a monthly series !


  1. Funny, but I never looked at this book while at quilt market... but I met Weeks! They've been designing like this for many years, so it's their style that has become vogue. I love it. That Share and Share alike quilt is my fav.

  2. This book looks like it really will provide new and innovative techniques. I love the way they make fabrics appear "transparent." I wonder if it is available through ibooks? Hhhhmmmm.

  3. The Share and Share Alike is my favorite too. What a clever selection of colors!

  4. Hey Leanne, I am a bit behind on blog reading.
    I really liked your introduction of those two books. That first quilt just looks amazing!


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