06 June 2012

care circle swap

over the weekend I've been working on another swap item - this time for our care circle at do.good stitches - we usually make blocks to be made into quilts for charity but this month we're doing a swap between members of our group which is a lovely idea from the do.good stitches founder Rachel :)

I'm making a circle of geese mini quilt for my secret partner.

I bought some fabrics (can't wait to get back home to my stash !!) and when I got them together I wasn't that happy as I thought they might be too dark but started making it anyway as I knew my mum would love it - I also bought some more fabrics just in case - but now that the top is done I really like it - I think the darker fabrics makes the circle really stand out on the white background - just hope my partner likes it as well !

I'm going to hand quilt in white perle thread but not sure what colour to bind in yet - maybe I can work out enough of the EQ7 to be able to preview red, white, and blue bindings !

I'm off to Brisbane for a few days again to visit some of my family as I go back home soon.  Pippi is staying with my mum and dad which means I'll be able to do things and maybe get some shopping in without having to worry about her :)

I'll be back in a few days - have a great week :)


  1. I've dropped in from our purse swap! So nice to meet you! You have lovely projects and your dog Pippi is too cute! Deborah/ Miss Luella

  2. Lovely Geese Leanne - you seem a bit like them at the moment flying here and there!

  3. Ooo. I SO love this block! I've made the 12-geese version, and just adore this 16-geese version. I admired it on Red Pepper Quilts blog and even inquired about it. Learned that it's a design in one of Sarah Fielke's books. Well you sure did it up great! Sounds like you're having a super time as you're with family. Enjoy, and travel home safely.

  4. The colours you've used are so striking!! Brilliant!! Have fun in Brisbane! Hope the weather is better up there!


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