18 June 2012

swap blocks galore

well, after ten weeks away, pippi and I have finally made it back home and we were welcomed by a typical winter day - I left a 23 degree sunny queensland day and got home to a cold and raining 10 degrees - oh well, its nice to snuggle up in front of the fire :)

and when I got home it was better than christmas with a heap of parcels from the postman !! so many that I even got a box to carry them.

so I thought I'd share some of the mail with you.

I received some wonky and colourful trees from the girls at the wonky houses swap...this swap is finishing up but not before some wonky star blocks are done :)  I love these blocks - they are all done with different techniques and so fabulous.

I also received a very cute owl keyring from Kris in Germany for the May ratz swap...along with a postcard and german chocolate !!

isn't this owl just so adorable - and I love the brown with pink dots - thanks so much Kris :)

another swap I'm in over at flickr is the long distance quilting bee and it was my month in May - I did get a couple of the blocks forwarded to me in queensland but was really excited to see so many more - I'd asked for red (any shade) and white pinwheel blocks and I received fabulous blocks from the bee members - some even made me two !

I just love them ... thanks so much girls :)  my mum decided that she wanted to add a block and I'll do two so I'll be able to make these into a gorgeous quilt very soon.

the fabrics for June's design camp 2 bee also arrived - Tiff has asked for an improv robot block which sounds like fun (if somewhat daunting !) and I'll be starting on it just as soon as I've caught up on the May design camp block - maybe I'll use the no.reply blogger button as my inspiration !

I received quite a bit of fabric as well that I'll show you later as I have to go and thank everyone for the wonderful blocks and of course that cute owl.

I go back to work tomorrow which will be a bit hard after such a wonderful holiday but I need the money for my fabric addiction!


  1. What a lovely welcome home....all those yummy gifts!

  2. What lovely squishes to come home too, gosh 10 weeks is a long time to be away, I can just about manage 10 days!!!

  3. What a long time you had away! I can't believe ten weeks has passed! Well, it's nice for you to be at home again, and enjoying your welcome home gifts. A word of caution about those red and white blocks... watch for bleeding if the finished quilt might ever be washed. I made a red and white quilt years ago, and even pre-washed all the red fabrics, soaking them in salt water in the bathtub! Still the reds bled when the finished quilt was washed. Since you don't know if the block makers washed their fabrics, I'd recommend hand-washing the blocks before making them into a quilt. Just sharing a tough lesson I learned.

  4. Goodness! A ten week holiday and fab post to come to - lucky you :)

  5. That is precisely why we work right??...for the fabric! :-)

  6. Check out all that mail!!! Wow!! That would have been better than Christmas. Love your little trees!!


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