22 June 2012

wonky stars

the wonky star blocks are the last swap in the wonky house blocks swap that was started by Jane six months ago.

its been a great swap with wonky houses and wonky trees and now wonky stars.

I need to send these off on Monday but I was wanting others opinions - do you like the blocks with matching centres (except two)

or would you prefer these blocks ? all with unmatching centres

I like them both but I'm thinking maybe the unmatching blocks will better suit the other wonky blocks - love that I've got a design wall that I can keep them on while I decide !

I've had fun doing these wonky blocks - I loved making the houses - and I've learnt a heap of new techniques including my first curved piecing and with the wonky trees I used mum's sewing machine to do machine applique with buttonhole stitch which I can't do on my machine (its a bit old !).

I also met some lovely people through this swap including Nicky who blogs at Mrs Sew and Sow so I'll be sad that its over but Nicky and I are in a couple of other swaps now so that friendship will continue.

I'll still keep in contact with Jane too as she is helping Madame Samm by coordinating the red, white, and blue blog hop that starts in July - Madame Samm was behind my other two blog hops - the ghastlies in November last year and the table topper blog hop in April this year - so I'm looking forward to that - my day is 14 July !

anyway, decisions, decisions - I hope you can help me out - I'd love your opinion !

have a great weekend ♥


  1. I like them both too, but think the second set for the swap - I think they will add interest when mixed with other blocks from the other swappers.

  2. I like the second set because there seems to be some continuity in finding the center of one block as the star part of another block.

  3. All of them are lovely - I wonder which they'll choose.

  4. Hmmm, this is a tough one as I love them all. Mine I made the star all the same fabric, but I do like the look of the different center. Why not send four of each?
    The blog hop! It is so soon, I cannot wait! Are you going to to the "Think Christmas" Hop?
    Yes, of cours I am!!

  5. I really love the way the ones with the same center look like the "KaPOW!" "BANG" stars in Batman and comic books. I like the others too!

  6. I am liking them all but the second set really stand out Leanne particularly nos 1,3 and 4 on the bottom row!

    Thank you - no chance of getting rid of me now! Have loved getting to know you!

  7. I like both!! Maybe a mixture of the two. Best of both worlds. Making sewing friends is the best!!! Some snotty snooty lady once said you can't make friends on the internet, I just told her it was obvious she'd never tried.

  8. I generally prefer the ones with the same centre as the spikes, for wonky I ont think it matters

  9. I like both versions. With the unmatched centers I like those best when there is something fussy cut inside.

  10. I think I'd just mix them up! Some of each so it looks like you meant to be that randomly wonky!


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