04 June 2012

may fresh sewing day

gee, another fresh sewing day - they certainly come around fast!

I think I've got a few things done this month and surprise surprise I even managed to get a quilt top done - not bad when I'd hoped to get five done over the past two months ! although I've had the excuse of visitors and the big birthday :)

I've had another fun month doing swaps and learning new things - using nifty little snaps for one and making sure I read instructions and cut more accurately being another !

I hope you made some great things in May as well and join in with Lynne's fresh sewing day.

Lily's Quilts


  1. Your month looks so pretty Leanne!

  2. I love all your +&x blocks, I'd forgotten all about them (or missed them altogether!). Such a pretty mosaic!

  3. Great blocks - such pretty fabrics!

    Love my mmch! mini moo card holder!

  4. You had lots of wonderful , fabulous, colourful finishes in May!!!

  5. Hello! Popping over from Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day. You had a productive May! I especially love the small projects--I'm on a small project kick myself.


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