21 June 2012

june ratz swap

I spent some time today making magnets for the june ratz swap.

I made some button magnets that I think are just so cute - I did some practice ones ... the fussy cutting needed a bit of work :)

and then I made four to send away as that's how many little round magnets I had !

then it was time for some itty bitty magnets from the Zakka style book - my secret partner likes pink which is pretty handy as that's my favourite colour as well !

as I made some of these a few weeks ago they were pretty quick to make - just need to do some quilting then sew them up, put in a little piece of magnet sheet and they're ready to go!

hope you had a great day :)


  1. Love your pretty pink buttons and magnets!

  2. Everything is coming up roses here! Pink ones! After looking at your fob hardware I had to get some for me! You temptress!

    Now magnets....?

  3. Cute! You manage to find the most interesting swaps! Magnets. Who would have thought of a swap like that.


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