06 May 2012

x & + blocks

For the April care @ do.good stitches block, Annabella asked for X & + blocks so she could do one or two quilts for the siblings together cause.

I decided to do four blocks and used fabrics from the denyse schmidt range available in australia at spotlight - I got them completed last week and trimmed them up and discovered just before I put them in the post that I'd trimmed them up 1/2 inch too small - yes, all four of them - eeekkk !

so I made some more - I was a bit low on the fabric as I really only got enough to make the blocks and have some scraps left over - I'm not used to paying $16.95 a metre for fabrics !  so of course I had to make another trip to spotlight to get a few more fabrics - I got some orange this time as well.

of course I had my little helper cheering me on while I was sewing !

Over the weekend my mum's machine embroidery group had an exhibition so I helped out in the kitchen for a few hours both days which was fun :)  they had quite a crowd there and I managed to take some photos late on Sunday when the crowd had dispersed a bit and I could move around !  as you can see, there is quite a bit of talent in this group.

frogs and a gecko
appliqued circles
quite a few items on display - notice the old singer
a very cute owl quilt which sold quickly !
would you like a cupcake - for your pins of course :)
so I hope you got some sewing done on the weekend too :)


  1. Love your X+ blocks and the good news is you have some perfect smaller ones to make into something gorgeous - are you sure you wanted to give these away Leanne!?

  2. They are perfect Leanne and I know you will find a wonderful use for the smaller ones! Thank you so so much!

  3. Ahh... mum uses a machine too. That explains your talent! Your blocks are so pretty. Those cupcakes look edible!

  4. I love your X&+ blocks!! Awesome fabric choices. I like the googly eye owl that pops up in the show photos, he's near the old Singer machine and in the last photo.


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