16 May 2012

a finish or two

well, a finished top anyway :)  I sewed the final seams on the zig zag quilt this morning - I'm leaving the trimming of the edges until I go home to save the edge seams coming undone - now just wondering how its going to be quilted !

I also finished the block for the May care at do.good stitches today - I'm so glad this is done, after my rocky start !

although now that I've done this block I'm wondering if we needed to do two blocks this month - eeekk - maybe I'll be back with another one soon !

and I received my fabrics for the May design camp 2 block yesterday - gorgeous oranges - to be put together in a rectangle - improv style - what fun :)


  1. I love your zigzag quilt top! Looking forward to the quilt Leanne! Are you testing out the FMQ foot on this one!?

    Well done on the bee block it looks perfect!

  2. The zigzag quilt is great - good luck deciding on the quilting! Love the bee block - I love the fabric combinations!


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