05 May 2012

no sleep till brooklyn

its a sad day for beastie boys fans and the hip hop world with the passing of Adam "MCA" Yauch overnight ... I've been listening to triple j this afternoon (while sewing of course!) as they've been remembering him ... ♥

in brighter news ... my clock entry in the Feather Your Nest contest ...

has made it into the second round of the popular vote over at Stumbles and Stitches - voting for the winner is on now and is open until Sunday (or Monday Aust. time) if you want to take a look at the top 10 and maybe vote :)


  1. Congratulations on placing in the top ten! Wow! It's a big honor. Well done, Leanne. I'm very proud of you.

    (Sorry. Not a pop music-lover, so I don't have a clue who this musician was.)

  2. I remember them being banned from Top of the Pops or Radio 1 or perhaps both! Congrats on your block! I shall run over and vote.

  3. Oh man, I can't believe MCA is dead. I love the Beastie Boys. That's shocked me. Your clock is SO going to win!!!! I'm going to vote, then I'm going to listen to the Beastie Boys.

  4. I voted yesterday and you were No.5. Poor MCA, too young to die. We went to the Big Day Out in Adelaide years and years ago and the Beasties walked right past us on the street! Such a small city - we saw Wolfmother in a chinese restaurant and Scribe in a sneaker shop, which was hilarious because these teenage girls were going bonkers!!


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