29 May 2012

happy birthday pippi

Its pippi's birthday today - she is two ♥♥ here she is sporting her birthday pressie - a new collar with a cute little name tag and she also got some yummy chicken biscuits that she just had to chew on while having her photo taken :)

its my birthday today as well and I think I might have cleaned up a bit more in the present stakes !  as well as my dad making me scrambled eggs for breakfast :)

dad also made me this absolutely gorgeous glass mosaic clock - isn't he just so clever :)

and mum gave me the Pies and Tarts quilt pattern as well as all the papers to go with it - with 1600 papers in the kit I think this will be a long term project !

I had a birthday party last Saturday night with all of my family and they got me EQ7 - the Electric Quilt software - and also a supreme slider sheet and some bobbin genies for free motion quilting - so I think my family are onto my quilting addiction !!  wow - I think I'm going to have fun with all of this :)

I also got a couple of bottles of really nice champagne !

It was a really good night and the first time in 20 years that I'd spent my birthday with every family member at my party :)  I was hoping to have some photos but my youngest niece who took the photos on the night hasn't been able to get them to me yet so maybe another time !

anyway, I thought I'd share some of the birthday love with followers of my blog ... I have a couple of extra copies of books that I showed the other day that I thought you might enjoy - Zakka Style and Modern Minimal ...

if you'd like one of them just leave a comment letting me know which one and I'll have Pippi pick two names out on Sunday (australian time) ♥


  1. I would love either one of these books. Both I have seen on blogs and the both look wonderful. If I have to choose I guess I would go with Zakka Style.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIPPI!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  2. How nice to share some of your goodies. Both books look good, but I would choose Zakka Style. Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday Leanne! Sounds like you scored pretty well, I think I can guess what a Supreme Slider is but I'm a bit stumped about the bobbin genies. Would love to here how you go with EQ7 too. You've got two great books on offer there, I'm not sure which I would choose.


  4. Oh wow ! Happy birthday girls! You did better than Pippi I think! Lovely pressies and so FMQ here you come! Tell me about this slider thing when you get the chance to try it!

    Would have to be Modern Minimal - got the other one! Thanks Leanne for the opportunity! Must catch up with you!

  5. Happy Birthday! Oh, I just love the clock.

  6. Happy birthday! That clock would make a gorgeous quilt block (done up in fabric instead of stained glass, of course)!

  7. Happy birthday to you both - Pippi is very lucky (I had to hide the photos of her presents from Archie in case he demanded equality in the presents stakes!). I'd love either of the books!

    P.S. I love the clock - your dad is so talented!

  8. Happy birthday! Wow! What a haul! Your Dad is indeed talented, I love the mosaic! I am with Dolores, I am curious about the bobbin genies too. Oh. And I am almost halfway through a pies and tarts quilt here. So far, it has already been a long term project! Have fun with your haul of gifts!

    As for the books, both look fantastic to me!

  9. Happy birthday to you and to Pippi! You made quite a haul of presents, I'd say! EQ7! Wow!

    So for YOUR birthday you're giving away books! Wow!
    I like both but the Modern Minimal is my favorite.

    BTW - the clock is lovely. What a treasure!

  10. Happy Birthday Pippi and Happy Birthday to You too!! You got some awesome gifts but that clock takes the cake!! Its amazing!! Really cool clocks run in the family!! I'd be curious about seeing the Zakka Style book if my name gets pulled out of the hat.

  11. What a great birthday you and Pippi had with your family and such lovely presents you both got.I hope you have fun with the pies and tarts. It is a lovely quilt when finished. Good luck.

  12. Well, I was going to comment anyway to say happy birthday, and say how green - with envy - I am! Goodness! Didn't you haul in the loot for your birthday?! That clock your dad made is wonderful! And the other gifts, well they're better than Christmas, I'd say. You belong to a very generous family. Good for you!

    Thanks for the chance to win the Modern Minimal book. I'm suffering here from a lack of access to a sewing machine, so anything sew-y right now would be nice. Still have to wait until the end of June to be in front of a machine again. But in the end it will be worth the wait - a new house AND a new Bernina sewing machine.


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