01 May 2012

feather your nest update

voting for this competition has started over at Stumbles & Stitches - so I'd love it if you'd take a minute to go over and vote - you can vote for up to three projects which is quite handy as I just happen to have three entries :)

voting is open until this friday - and again, fingers crossed x


  1. Done Leanne, I just loved your entries!

  2. How could I not vote for the quilters clock!! All three projects are fabulous!!

  3. It was easy, I voted for all of yours. Your current tally is Clock - No 8, Basket - No 10 & Runner - No. 22.

  4. Voted for all of them! Good luck! Specially loving the birdy one!

  5. Guess who I voted for!? Looks like your clock might be a winner. I hope so! You've made great stuff, and good for you for even going to the effort to enter! I can't wait to have a sewing room again... and it's weeks away! Wah.


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