10 May 2012

May blocks

last night I thought I'd do the May care at do.good stitches block - we're doing a herringbone block from a tutorial by Holly at Bijou Lovely.

I had some strips from a scrap bag I bought at etsy that were the perfect size for the 2.5" strips needed - so I made the first one and then made the second one but of course I hadn't read the tutorial right through to see that there are left and right side blocks and so I made another left one !

not sure what's going on lately but I seem to be re-doing things a bit !  Last night Pippi was wanting to go for a walk and I wanted to get the block done before we went - well, of course, I should have just gone for the walk instead of rushing !

so after doing two left side blocks, I went for the walk and then did the right side block when I got home - all going well until I trimmed the wrong end and of course the strips now don't line up - so I've got two left side blocks and one right side block and no more strips left so I've abandoned that project for now !

looks like I've got another cushion to add to my collection :)

this morning I did the May long distance quilting bee block for Lisa - she wanted a baby block and so I did a wonky star - and it worked first go - thank goodness - I feel so much better now.

and this is a little name badge I did yesterday to wear to my mum's patchwork group - apparently if you turn up more than three times without a name badge you get fined !! well I don't think that's true but that's what I was told :)

so I'm off to Brisbane for a few days to catch up with my family which means no sewing until I get back - I'm thinking the break might be just what I need !!


  1. Wonderful blocks! Our guild requires a name badge - but we have a door prize for those that do. Our neighboring quild does have a fine for those without. Enjoy your family time.

  2. I love your new cushion ;) It's funny how some days things just don't happen the way you want them to. The wonky star is fabulous, the sock monkey fabric is so cute!

  3. Read the instructions Leanne to the end! But as I rarely do that myself you can remind me too! They look good to me but I like a bit of wonkiness!

    Sock monkey star is cute as is your lovely nametag!

  4. Sounds like the sort of thing I'd do!!!

    I love the wonky star and the name tag!


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