21 May 2012

touring the sunshine coast

my cousin Susan and her husband Ross arrived on Saturday to spend a week with us and today we went for a tour into the sunshine coast hinterland visiting nambour, mapleton, montville, and maleny which are all located on the Blackall Ranges.

it was a little bit overcast but a nice day for being in the car.

we had lunch at maleny and then visited the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve not far from Malney which is a 55 hectare National Estate listed subtropical rainforest overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains.

it was raining over the Glasshouse Mountains when we got there but by the time we'd walked through the rainforest it had cleared so I could get a good shot !

the rainforest is home to the red legged pademelon and we were lucky enough to see quite a few ...

there are also birds - like this cute little yellow-throated scrubwren ...

and some amazing trees with fabulous root systems ...

and some with elkhorns and tree ferns growing on them ...

I also just happened to see a perfect heart shaped leaf !

tomorrow we're off to the Australia Zoo and although its forecast to rain hope we see some amazing animals :)


  1. I love Mary Cairncross park! We used to visit there when I was growing up in Brisbane. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Ahhh, this all looks so marvelous. You live in a country of such remarkable natural beauty. I love seeing pictures and learning about the unusual creatures - not Susan and Ross! Have you read Bill Bryson's book about Australia? "In a Sunburnt Country"? He captures the fascination that is Australia. Continue to enjoy yourself.

  3. Great rainbow shot! There was one just outside our house on Sunday but I didn't even think of taking a photo.


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