02 May 2012

april finishes

I like these monthly reviews - gives me a chance to have a look at all the projects I've done - or not as the case may be !

I feel like I did quite a bit of sewing this month but it doesn't really look like I've got much to show for it !

oh well, at least I actually have finishes which is fabulous :)

but the list of projects that I wanted to get done while I am on holidays doesn't seem to be going down so must make more of an effort for May :)

another thing is there seems to be an overwhelming choice of red this month :)

I joined in the April table topper blog hop and noticed I had a few new followers which is always so lovely stay tuned - at the end of May I'm going to have a little something just for my followers :)

hope you got some great projects sewn in April as well !

linking up to Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts


  1. Yes, you had a red April, but I enjoyed your variations in your toppers - what a fun hop that was. You did well for the month.

  2. April was red for you - what colour will you be in May Leanne!?

    Loved the minis! And the trees ! Jane asked for my address and is sending them out at the weekend ! Looking forward to the package! Hoping for one of yours!


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