15 February 2012

winner winner chicken dinner :)

I’ve always wanted to say that and I think the double winner is quite appropriate because guess what – I won twice !!!!   yay, I am sooo excited - I won some gorgeous fabric in a fugly fabric giveaway.

Lucy over at charm about you held a fugly fabric link party and I can tell you – a lot of the fabric in the giveaways was not in any way ugly !

I won some gorgeous fabric from susan who blogs at canadian abroad – yes, 8 fat quarters of some 3 sisters by moda fabric – it’s not fugly is it !

And fiona over at poppy makes had a huge giveaway and I won this sweet spring panel by Sandy Gervais - again, definitely too cute to be called fugly !

Thanks sooo much to susan and fiona for my gorgeous fabrics – and lucy too for holding the linky party ! oh and go and visit their blogs if you have some time - they are all sooo fabulous :)


  1. I saw your name pop up in Susan's list of winners but double luck!? Well done Leanne!

  2. Winner winner Chicken dinner is the funniest saying!!! Lol !! Great prizes, congratulations!!

  3. How about lucky lucky lucky ducky! Congratulations. You are so lucky. That's beautiful fabric and I'm sure you will turn it into something very nice!

  4. Okay, how is this for strange - that is the THIRD time I have read that expression today (two blogs and Facebook) and I have never before heard it in my life! You are one of the luckiest winners I have ever seen in blogland. Congratulations!


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