14 February 2012

my messy sewing space

So here it is – my sewing room as it was yesterday !!  

looking from doorway
and yes, there’s a reason I’m showing you all my very messy room – I’m joining the linky party over at the Quilting Gallery's Learning Centre in the hope that things can improve !

for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking that I have to do something about getting this room organised.  I even bought a few more plastic storage containers two weeks ago that are still sitting where I put them (in the way)!!
if I get those quilts off to my quilter I'd have way more room !
Since I’ve been going from the cutting board on one side of the table to the sewing machine on the other side quite a lot lately while making the wonky house blocks – I’ve really started to notice how my floor space is slowly disappearing so things have to change !

Pat Sloan is hosting The Learning Centre over at Quilting Gallery and the first topic is organising your sewing space/studio – Pat has asked for “before photos” and I figure it can only get better so why not !!

this side isn't AS bad !!
I know that in a few weeks my “after” photos will make me feel really good about my favourite little room – and you want to know the other reason I’m joining in ?  so I can find where I’ve put my vliesofix and freezer paper – I could have done with both this week and I had to purchase some more vliesofix because I couldn’t find it – its in a box somewhere in that room !!

one of the tips Pat gives  is to take everything out of your space and make up an inventory which I’m thinking is a brilliant idea and a way of finding that missing vliesofix !

so this weekend before I do any sewing I’m putting these tips into action and this room is being organised ! let's hope I can get some sewing time in :)


  1. Ha seen worse - mine before I moved it all downstairs to my new space. Making wonky house blocks sure makes a huge mess - I'd blame those!

  2. Seeing your sewing room makes me feel a whole lot better about the state of mine! LOL. Thank you for that. It will be fun to watch the changes you go through. I know where my Vliesofix is, in case I can help you out. G

  3. I recently cleaned my sewing room as I was having a bridal shower at my house and DH was having a fit that the sewing/quilting room was so messy. So I spent 3 days doing it and added a jelley cupboard to the space I have. I love having it cleaned up, but am busy messing it up again. lol

    Diane Alsleben, Plato MN


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