06 February 2012

doll quilt swap

Last year I joined the Doll Quilt Swap group - I think this group is how I found out about all the swaps and bees on flickr - I had seen some gorgeous doll quilts around blog land so went to find out more - it must have been just after the start of DQS11 so I decided to join the group so I'd know when they did another swap.

Well, early last week the call came out for DQS12 - I signed up and crossed my fingers and toes that I'd be accepted - I wasn't sure though as I hadn't been in one before - and there are rules and regulations :)

While I was waiting I did an inspiration mosaic (for my partner), added some favourites, and updated my profile so at least my flickr looks a bit better !

anyway, finally this morning, just when I was thinking I hadn't made the cut, I got an email that I was in - yay - I was so excited for five minutes then the fear set in !

OMG what had I done - I've only made one doll quilt before and that is on my ufo list still waiting to be quilted and bound !

So to calm down I had a look at my partner’s blog and flickr and amazingly the ideas started flowing – so I think I’m now somewhere between excited and terrified – is there a word for that ?

I’m now in six other bees and swaps which I’m loving but I think the thing that is scary about this one is that your partner is a secret so you can’t ask questions or get any direction.

The quilts aren’t due for a couple of months so hopefully I’ll come up with something that my partner will like – wish me luck :)


  1. Oh yes I know that feeling Leanne - fortunately I had a good buddy in Helen to plague with my indecision and terror!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Congratulations on making the cut. You'll do beautifully!

  3. I was in DQS10 so I know how you feel, that combo of nervous and excited. It really is so much fun!! I know you'll make something special!


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