25 February 2012

yes, I have a moment to spare...

I guess if you had a moment to spare you might want to hop on over to my blog sometime today ...
Lynne x

that was the message I received in an email this morning - such a sweet, sweet message ...

I'd entered a giveaway at Lynne's blog for an Oakshott colourbox (along with a zillion other people - well over a thousand anyway) and you've probably guessed by now - yes, I WON !
out of 1555 comments, the random generator picked my comment - I'm actually a bit speechless about it so I'm just doing a huge happy dance instead !

photo "borrowed" from Oakshott Fabrics

gee wizz - 100 fat eighths of gorgeous shot cottons - and look at all those colours - oh the possibilities, the possibilities :)

as I said - speechless !


  1. Wow! Congratulations! You have been so darned lucky lately! How DO you do it? I'd pop out and buy a lottery ticket if I were you. Have fun with those cottons. I've never used them, but they have a lovely texture.

  2. Wow, that's awesome!! I entered the give away too but I'm glad someone I know has won. Out of all the give aways I've entered online I've only ever won once, about a year ago. Surely it's time for me to win again. :-)

  3. Yes, I saw that - congratulations and have soooooooo much fun playing in your new fabrics.

  4. Yeah you! Bought some myself now! Yum!


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