05 February 2012

blogger's block of the month

Today I finally caught up with my december and january blogger's bom blocks :)

December pattern by (the) Pat Sloan

January pattern by John Adams of Quiltdad

I also cut out the fabrics for my december and january modern bom blocks so hope to have those sewn up soon!

It was chilly here today so good weather for sewing - hope you're also enjoying some Sunday sewing :)

I've been catching up on my google reader subscriptions this week - I had over 2,000 unread posts at the beginning of the week - now that I have a computer at home I'm hoping that won't happen again cause I discovered I've missed some great giveaways and I'm behind on some fabulous blogs :) but thanks to a big reading session last night (and also during the week) I'm down to less than 500 - yay !  there are so many fantastic blogs out there - does anyone else have a big reading list ?

I've sorted my list into my daily reads, my flickr groups, quilting blogs, fabric shops, and other blogs - and I'm hoping that once I catch up I should be able to keep up without having to spend hours on the computer - its starting to cut into my sewing time - eeeekkk!


  1. I once had a huge number of items in my reader but I now have an iPhone and I use the Reeder app which is great when I'm not home for long periods. I actually prefer it's format to that of Google Reader. As far as Google Reader - I don't actually have a system, just plug through the bulk of them in the morning and at night then the ad hoc ones throughout the day. I does take up a lot of time though, I have been ruthless in the past and cut out some blogs that weren't doing it for me anymore. The only Flickr group I have feeding in is our Bee.

  2. Very organised - think I may have to follow suit!

  3. I`m seriously lagging behind in the Blogger`s BOM - must catch up! How do you organize your reader? It sounds a great idea.

  4. Love seeing your Blogger's BOM blocks. They're really great colors. And I like getting an idea of what a whole quilt would look like made in the January block. Bet that hourglass block would look great in alternating directions. No, I can't keep up with all the great blogs either. I get RSS Feeds for 110 blogs, and I know it's too many. But, I've swapped emails and made friends with almost every blog owner, so I can't bring myself to delete any of these feeds. It's tough keeping up with social networking, isn't it?


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