19 February 2012

weekend sewing

well - first up I've finally finished my wonky house swap blocks - yay - they'll be sent off the USA tomorrow and hope they get there by the deadline of 1 March !

I ended up changing the colour of the portholes on the boathouse block - I'm happier with this one.

and I finished blocks 11 and 12 today

a few weeks ago my mum suggested a crooked chimney so I did that on the last one :)

While I'm really glad they're finally all done its going to be really hard to send them off - I loved doing them and love how they all turned out - and although they were very time consuming I learnt heaps - I've only done improv piecing once before and I'd never done curved piecing so I'm looking forward to finding more projects with those elements.

I also managed to make my December Modern BOM blocks which used paper piecing to give perspective - another great block from Alissa.

and I got the February care at do.good stitches blocks done so I can post those next week as well.

I love star blocks and doing flying geese so I really enjoyed doing these two and the bonus is that I have the scraps from the geese to make into half square triangles so I played around with those as well - I'm still thinking about what I'll do with them but I had fun arranging them in different ways on my design wall :)

so that's my weekend sewing ... back to work tomorrow so I'd better get off to sleep !

hope you got some great sewing in this weekend as well :)


  1. I love the wonky houses I've been seeing but I think your boat house has been my favorite of all! blessings, marlene

  2. I love all your wonky houses and am really looking forward to receiving one - lucky me! I must give curved piecing a go - perhaps in round 2!

    The blocks look amazing too - love those little scissors!

    What fun to learn so much!

  3. Cool wonky blocks.

    I want to let you know that I gave yo ua Liebster Award!

  4. well done Leanne all your blocks really look so good...


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