29 January 2012

sunday sewing

I did set out to get a few wonky blocks done this weekend though at this stage I've only got one done ! but I did spent a couple of hours fighting with my internet connection last night - very frustrating - but its up and running again today :) so just a quick post then back to the sewing machine !!

I did a wonky beach hut block yesterday - and again - lots of piecing so a bit time consuming - but its turned out mostly like I imagined :) I did try to do wavy water and used a small zig zag but when I went to press it the fabrics started coming apart so maybe my stitches were too small - anyway, I cut it off and just went a bit wonky instead :)

this morning I decided to clean up the wonky mess on my table so I could get a couple of other blocks done that need to be mailed soon.

I had made an asian inspired block for Carol in the January Long Distance Quilting Bee earlier in the month but when I read her requirements again (after I'd finished) I realised that she had requested saffron as the main colour and of course I used purple :) so I sent her a photo of the finished block and she was happy (or so she said !!) and then when I was getting the fabrics organised for the wonky blocks I found that I'd pulled a very saffron fabric for those - so I decided to do another block for Carol today which I really like and I'll send them both - they are my japanese garden blocks - but lol I left out the pathways in the first one :)

and here's pippi - just after she was yelled at for chasing the kangaroos last night - I nearly had a nice shot of a mum with a joey in her pouch until missy spotted them :) I'm fairly sure by that look on her face that she isn't the least bit concerned !

ok - now back to the machine - hope you're getting some fabulous sewing in :)


  1. Ooh I so want your beach huts but you will be wanting that one for your self! Great work and hope you get them all done soon!


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